Lance Morrow Pride Goeth Before a Withdrawal

Joe Biden was too stubborn and selfish to bow to reality until he had no choice.

Jul 21 2024
Fred Bauer Bowing to Reality

Joe Biden’s decision to step aside ends a period of paralysis that has gripped the Democratic Party for the last month.

Jul 21 2024
Tevi Troy Nine Days in July

What historic times are these.

Jul 21 2024


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The Drug Legalization Disaster

Steven Malanga The Marijuana Delusion

States rush to legalize recreational pot, even as evidence of its harms grows.

Jul 26 2023
Jeffrey H. Anderson Biden’s Destructive Pot Gambit

The White House is set to reclassify marijuana as a Schedule III drug, dismissing Obama-era findings in the process.

Jun 04 2024
Charles Fain Lehman Half Baked

Among the bad options offered by a bad idea—marijuana legalization—state-run stores might be the least bad.

Jan 19 2024
Charles Fain Lehman This Is Your City on Fentanyl

Oregon’s decriminalization law has transformed large parts of Portland’s downtown into an open-air drug market.

Naomi Schaefer Riley Parenting While High

As de facto drug legalization expands, substance abuse is driving a child-welfare crisis.

May 30 2023
Nicole Gelinas New Vice City

Gotham’s post-pandemic economic-development strategy: gambling and weed

Steven Malanga The New Weed Whackers

An exploding black market in states that legalized pot has sparked another government war on marijuana.

Oct 24 2022
Judge Glock Subsidizing Addiction

The government pays homeless addicts to stay on drugs and alcohol.

Steven Malanga Marijuana’s Black Market 2.0

Contrary to advocates’ promises, legalizing pot has spurred new illegal enterprises.

Jun 10 2019
Steven Malanga Stoned At Work

New York’s city council bans employers from testing for pot use, which will lead to nothing but trouble.

Apr 12 2019
Charles Fain Lehman Drug Fiends and Fools

A trendy new book recycles the same old case for normalizing drug use.

Jan 27 2021

The Spotlight

Aaron M. Renn Culture, Circumstance, and Agency

Reflections on Hillbilly Elegy

Aug 23 2016
Victor Davis Hanson Trump and the American Divide

How a lifelong New Yorker became tribune of the rustics and deplorables

Martin Gurri Prologue to an Ideology of Freedom

The will to liberty can overcome the will to power.

Charles F. McElwee JFK Jr.’s Accidental Legacy

His magazine, George, was ahead of its time in viewing politics as popular culture.

Jun 28 2019
Dave Seminara The Democrats’ Kamala Harris Problem

Even New York Times readers are rejecting the identity politics that put her on the 2020 ticket.

Feb 13 2023
Joel Kotkin Kamala’s America?

If Joe Biden’s running mate ever becomes president, she would nationalize California’s increasingly feudal political and economic order.

Aug 21 2020
Kay S. Hymowitz Democrats’ Diversity Blues

The party’s leadership class cares much more about identity politics than its voting base does.

Dec 15 2019
Mark Pulliam The Next Obama

Meet Kamala Harris, California attorney general, aspiring senator . . . and future president?

Pavlos Papadopoulos The Spiritedness of 1776

America is much more than merely “an idea”—but unless we recover that idea and an attachment to it, we cannot recover ourselves.

Jul 03 2023
Jul 04 2021
Catesby Leigh Monumental Ambitions

Rodney Cook, Jr.’s Atlanta project seeks to reinvigorate American civic art.