Hannah E. Meyers

The Need to Change Course


John M. MacDonald

Understand—and Act On—the Realities of Criminal Offending

Facts and proven policies should guide effective reforms.

Heather Mac Donald

Tell the Truth About Law Enforcement and Crime

Until we relinquish the idea that policing activity against black criminals is racist, restoring law and order in our cities will be impossible.

Rafael A. Mangual

Learn from Past Successes on Gun Violence

Policing, prosecuting, and punishing criminal activity in high-crime areas makes a real difference.

Stephen Eide

Pursue an Orderly Streets Agenda

Though the most direct way to address urban disorder is through a change in city leadership, some federal-level policy solutions are worthwhile.

James A. Gagliano

Fix the FBI

Politicization has eroded public confidence in the bureau. We can wait no longer to begin addressing it.

Devon Kurtz

Rehabilitate First, Release Second

Rather than pushing dangerous policies, reformers should focus their efforts on making prisons better at “correcting” individuals.

Charles Fain Lehman

Combat the Drug Crisis

We need a comprehensive commitment to getting people off drugs and deterring them from starting drug use.

Hannah E. Meyers

Create a Crime-Research Powerhouse

Without federal investment in innovative research, any reimagining of law enforcement will look more like daydreaming.

Christopher F. Rufo

Disrupt Violent Left-Wing Networks

Americans must become confident again that their government will enforce the law, without fear or favor.

John Paul Wright

Reinvest in Carceral Facilities

Jails and prisons remain crucial institutions—but they can both work better.

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