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City Journal

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City Journal is the nation’s premier urban-policy magazine, “the Bible of the new urbanism,” as London’s Daily Telegraph puts it. During the Giuliani Administration, the magazine served as an idea factory as the then-mayor revivified New York City, quickly becoming, in the words of the New York Post, “the place where Rudy gets his ideas.” The Public Interest went further, calling City Journal “the magazine that saved the city.”

But City Journal is a national, not just a local, force, with a readership that spans the U.S. The country’s most thoughtful journalists are among the quarterly magazine’s subscribers, as are top businessmen and financiers. Public officials from coast to coast look to the magazine as a regular source of policy guidance. Leading newspapers, from the Wall Street Journal to the Los Angeles Times, regularly print adaptations of City Journal articles, disseminating the magazine’s influence to millions of readers.

City Journal offers a stimulating mix of hard-headed practicality and cutting-edge theory, with articles on everything from school financing, policing strategy, and welfare policy to urban architecture, family policy, and the latest theorizing emanating from the law schools, the charitable foundations, even the schools of public health. Since urban policy encompasses almost all domestic policy questions, as well as the largest issues of our culture and society, the magazine views its canvas as very broad indeed. The magazine holds itself to the highest intellectual, journalistic, and literary standards, aiming to produce absorbing reading for intelligent and discerning readers.


Brian C. Anderson

Senior Editor

Steven Malanga

Managing Editor

Paul Beston

Associate Editor

Seth Barron

Assistant Editor

Charles F. McElwee


Myron Magnet

Art Director

Jerome Rufino

Picture Editor

Karen Marston


Lisa Webb

Contributing Editors

William Andrews

Michael Knox Beran

Claire Berlinski

Theodore Dalrymple

Stephen Eide

Nicole Gelinas

Edward L. Glaeser

Victor Davis Hanson

Howard Husock

Kay S. Hymowitz

Andrew Klavan

Joel Kotkin

John Leo

Heather Mac Donald

Rafael A. Mangual

John O. McGinnis

Bob McManus

Judith Miller

Lance Morrow

Peter Reinharz

Aaron M. Renn

Christopher F. Rufo

Fred Siegel

Guy Sorman

Harry Stein

John Tierney

Michael J. Totten

Adam White

Publication Committee

Brian C. Anderson

William J. Bennett

Ann J. Charters

Anthony P. Coles

Michael J. Fedak

Kenneth M. Garschina

Roger Hertog

Myron Magnet

Vanessa Mendoza

Michael Millette

Peggy Noonan

Thomas P. Ogden

Michael Patterson

Russ Pennoyer

James Piereson

Robert Rosenkranz

Nathan E. Saint-Amand

Reihan Salam

Daniel P. Schmidt

Paul E. Singer

Thomas W. Smith



Email us at:

52 Vanderbilt Avenue

New York, NY 10017

(212) 599-7000



52 Vanderbilt Avenue

New York, NY 10017

(212) 599-7000


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