After October 7: America’s Domestic-Policy Response


Jesse Arm

Embrace Pluralism over Racialism

All of us, Jewish or not, have an interest in defeating the racialist ideology that enables anti-Semitism to flourish.

Reihan Salam

Stop Importing Foreign Hatred

America should be a haven for the virtuous and persecuted, not for the persecutors.

Daniel Di Martino

Abolish Anti-Semitic Student Groups

Ilya Shapiro

Stop the Mideast Money Fueling Campus Anti-Semitism

Multimillion-dollar donations to Middle East studies centers and departments have advanced Islamist ideology and fostered Jew-hatred at U.S. universities.

Jonathan Pidluzny

Crack Down on Anti-Semitic K–12 Curricula

It’s not just on campus: even in primary and secondary education, Jews are often portrayed as privileged whites and Zionist colonial oppressors.

Richard Goldberg

Keep Congregations Safe

Houses of worship can take several steps to harden their facilities against attack—but ultimately, security cannot be left solely to the professionals.

David M. Pollock

Let Jews Carry Guns

New York and other states have tried to prevent gun possession by religious observers, but there is both a physical and psychological demand for self-sufficient personal security.

Max Raskin

Let Officers Control Unruly Protests

City leaders should work to restore authority and flexibility to law enforcement.

Ray Kelly and Hannah E. Meyers

Confront Anti-Westernism

Resurgent anti-Semitism isn’t just an issue for the Jewish community—it’s a warning for all who value the ideals upon which America was built.

Eitan Fischberger



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