Federal Economic Policy Must Change


Judge Glock

Restore American Innovation

The U.S. faces a crisis of ingenuity—but some straightforward policy changes can help turn things around.

Michael Gibson

How to “Build American” Right

Aggressive supply-side reforms would make producing in the U.S. much cheaper.

Stephen Miran

To Check China, Unlock American Industry

State and federal policies should defend the industrial power of free nations while defunding the technologies of totalitarianism.

Michael Lucci

Simplify Permitting and Unleash Energy Production

Streamlining approvals will unlock investment in reliable and affordable energy projects—and ease the burden on Americans’ wallets.

Eric Olson and Lauren Agpoon

One More Chance to Improve Obamacare

To reduce coverage costs and encourage more people to enroll in plans while healthy, Republicans should demand changes to insurance-pricing rules.

Chris Pope

Replace the Debt Limit

It’s time for a law capping the size of the federal debt at 100 percent of potential GDP.

Brian Riedl

Scrap the Dot Plot

The Fed should stop publishing its projections of future interest rates, which prove only that the economy is unpredictable—and undermine the central bank’s credibility.

Allison Schrager

Toward a Fairer Tax Code

The next administration should strip away subsidies for favored firms and implement full expensing of investments for all domestic companies.

Erica York

Top: Illustrations by Dante Terzigni


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