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From City Journal’s Symposium Series

Fighting the Oldest Hate

A symposium on anti-Semitism in the United States

Symposium: An Economic Agenda for the Next President

Proposals to reinvigorate American dynamism, innovation, and self-sufficiency

Symposium: A New Anticrime Agenda

Proposals for reversing America’s criminal-justice decline

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City Journal’s 10 Blocks podcast features rich conversations on public policy and culture with host Brian C. Anderson.

In the Risk Talking podcast, host Allison Schrager—economist, journalist, and author—discusses cutting-edge economics in plain language.

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Michael J. Totten on disasters human and natural

Michael J. Totten Off the Richter Scale

Can the Pacific Northwest prepare for the cataclysmic quake that’s coming?

Michael J. Totten A Tidal Wave of Death

The 1918 Spanish flu was a killer of historic proportions.

Michael J. Totten The Enduring Relevance of The Plague

Albert Camus’s postwar novel captures the existential dread of contagion.

Michael J. Totten The Last Communist City

A visit to the dystopian Havana that tourists never see

The Spotlight

Robert VerBruggen The Visionary

Peter Huber’s wide-ranging work changed the way we understand risk, technology, markets, law—and human freedom itself.

Michael Torres “We Thought She Was a Great Teacher”

How a Washington public school’s transgender secrecy policies drove an immigrant family out of the country

Stephen Eide The Encampment State

Billions in spending have failed to solve California’s massive—and worsening—homelessness crisis.

Stefan Kanfer No One Could Touch Him

A massive biography follows the phases of Frank Sinatra, an alternately appealing and appalling meistersinger of popular songs.

Nov 13 2015
Kay S. Hymowitz Marriage and Caste

America’s chief source of inequality? The Marriage Gap.

Heather Mac Donald The Therapeutic Campus

Why are college students seeking mental-health services in record numbers?

Martin Gurri In Search of a Right Populist Agenda

Merely opposing the Left’s hegemonic power is not enough.

Stephen Miran The Mismeasure of Money

The Fed should abandon inflation targeting and return to pursuing price stability.

Martin Gurri Everything Magnified

Why were the protests and riots of 2020 so explosive?

Fred Siegel Remembered

Tributes from City Journal writers

May 10 2023
Darran Anderson A Manual for Adversity

Nearly 2,000 years after it was written, Marcus Aurelius’s Meditations is rediscovered by each succeeding generation.

Terrence Leveck America’s Missing Money

The federal government can’t account for $21 trillion—but does anybody care?

Feb 16 2018