Adam Freedman
Ivy League academics make excuses for the racism of a progressive hero.

Eye on the News

Matthew Hennessey
New York’s mostly male FDNY begins a “diversity” initiative.


John Seiler
California’s 2015 legislative session ends with a whimper.

Recent Features

Divided, They’ll Fall
Fred Siegel
The Democrats could be coming apart.
When Evil Breeds
Stephen Schmalhofer
Jay Nordlinger’s new book takes a hard look at dictators and their offspring.
Argument Over
Matthew Hennessey
New York’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade capitulates in a two-decade-long dispute with gay groups.
You Gotta Believe . . . in Tragedy
Harry Stein
A story of baseball, heartbreak, and political conversion
A Tale of Two Taxi Cities
Michael Hendrix
London and New York struggle to get along with Uber.
More Less
Romanticizing Radicals
Seth Barron
New York City’s progressive leaders are in thrall to a revolutionary past.
Likeability and the Lens
Matthew Hennessey
Hillary Clinton’s problem is that the camera doesn’t lie.
<i>The Mikado</i> Is Sent to the Corner with Huck Finn
Myron Magnet
The New York Gilbert and Sullivan Players wimp out.
When Political Punditry Was Born
James Panero
The Buckley-Vidal debates changed television . . . for the worse.
A “Step in the Right Direction” at the Port Authority
Judith Miller
Ethics reforms approved this week were long overdue.

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Theodore Dalrymple
Today’s psychiatry undermines self-reliance and morality.
Autumn 2013

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