Fred Siegel (1945–2023) was a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute, longtime contributing editor of City Journal, and author of books including Troubled JourneyThe Future Once Happened HereThe Prince of the City, and The Revolt Against the Masses. His life and legacy are commemorated in the tributes below.

Vincent J. Cannato
Last of the “New York Intellectuals”
Ideas were everything to Fred Siegel

Steven Malanga
Gotham’s Prophet
Fred Siegel’s work helped set the agenda that lifted New York back to its best.

Peter Cove
A Sense of Right
Fred Siegel’s integrity

Daniel DiSalvo
Mentor and Friend
Fred Siegel will be missed.

Kay S. Hymowitz
The Intellectual as Mensch
Fred Siegel engaged with critical issues until the end.

Roger Kimball
Remembering Fred Siegel
He demonstrated what an honest, historically literate liberalism looked like—even as he chronicled its eclipse.

Joel Kotkin
Passing of a Great Mind
Fred Siegel’s legacy is a light to New York and to America’s cities.

Howard Husock
An Inspiration to Freethinkers
New York and America are in desperate need of Fred Siegel’s wisdom.

In Memoriam
Fred Siegel, 1945–2023


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