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From the archives

James Q. Wilson The Reform Islam Needs

Religious toleration undergirds Western freedom. Islam is centuries behind in developing it.

Fred Siegel Modern vs. Postmodern

Jews across the West must defend themselves within a culture that has increasingly replaced evidence with narrative.

May 28 2021
Fred Siegel The Truth-Tellers

V. S. and Shiva Naipaul exposed the contradictions of Third Worldism.

Theodore Dalrymple The Barbarians at the Gates of Paris

Surrounding the City of Light are threatening Cities of Darkness.

James Q. Wilson What Makes a Terrorist?

It takes a village—even a whole culture.

André Glucksmann Hatred Still

The force that brought down the Twin Towers hasn’t been defeated.

Guy Sorman Anti-Semitism Today

On being Jewish in Paris and New York

Jan 02 2020
Judith Miller Anti-Semitism, Toujours

A new report highlights the dangers confronted by French Jews.

Feb 12 2020
J. J. Kimche, Angelique Talmor BDS at Harvard

The university’s treatment of Israel raises questions about the quality of its education.

Jul 06 2022
Pascal Bruckner There’s No Such Thing as Islamophobia

Critique of religion is a fundamental Western right, not an illness.

Hannah E. Meyers The Need to Curb Black Anti-Semitism

An age-old malignancy is resurgent, particularly in the African-American community.

Jan 05 2023
Tevi Troy The Case for Safety in the Synagogue

Many Jews feel that the best defense against anti-Semitic attacks is armed self-defense.

Dec 22 2022
Heather Mac Donald The Left’s Unilateral Suicide Pact

After the Manchester bombing, liberals once again avoid the obvious—that Islamic terror in the West is an immigration problem.

May 30 2017
Sol Stern The Nakba Obsession

The Palestinian national narrative is the biggest obstacle to peace in the Middle East.

Sol Stern, Fred Siegel Naming the 9/11 Enemy

Our long struggle will only get longer if we refuse to understand radical Islamism.

Sep 06 2011
Guy Sorman Too Far Right—and Too Jewish

The real reasons for European elites’ demonization of Benjamin Netanyahu

Jan 09 2023
Elliot Kaufman Like All Other Nations?

A new book resists hagiography and self-abasement to recount the creation of the state of Israel as it actually happened.

Apr 25 2023
Judith Miller, Seth Barron Halloween Massacre

Islamic terror strikes in New York City.

Oct 31 2017
Judith Miller Guarding the Faithful

The NYPD puts extraordinary resources into protecting houses of worship.

Mar 22 2019
Judith Miller Taking No Chances in New York

The NYPD boosts security following Iran’s threats.

Jan 07 2020
Theodore Dalrymple Deadly Superstitions in London

Another terrorist attack reveals Britain’s delusions about rehabilitation.

Dec 02 2019
Judith Miller Protecting New York

Born in the ashes of 9/11, the NYPD’s counterterrorism program remains the envy of the world.

Sep 10 2021
Nicole Gelinas Is New York Still Resilient to Terror?

The city must work harder to demonstrate that its benefits justify sticking around.

Apr 22 2022
Mark Krikorian It's Time to Plug Our Leaky Borders

Immigration officials haven’t taken terrorism seriously enough.

Heather Mac Donald Keeping New York Safe from Terrorists

Intelligence sharing and accountability for investigators are the keys.

Mark P. Mills, Peter W. Huber How Technology Will Defeat Terrorism

At home and abroad, digital wizardry will keep us safe.

Harry Stein, Kay S. Hymowitz Earth to Ivory Tower: Get Real!

We’ll lose the war on terror if the political and cultural Left succeeds in sapping our resolve.

Mark P. Mills, Peter W. Huber Can Terrorists Turn Out Gotham’s Lights?

Here’s how to strengthen our vulnerable power grid.

Victor Davis Hanson If the Problem Is Muslim Terror, Then What?

We need to get serious about keeping our enemies out.

Theodore Dalrymple The Suicide Bombers Among Us

The 7/7 solution to an insoluble conflict

Theodore Dalrymple The Terrorists Among Us

It’s not just Islam, but the tension between Islam and Western modernity, that makes them tick.

Mark Steyn Facing Down Iran

Our lives depend on it.

Judith Miller On the Front Line in the War on Terrorism

Cops in New York and Los Angeles offer America two models for preventing another 9/11.

John Robb The Coming Urban Terror

Systems disruption, networked gangs, and bioweapons

André Glucksmann From the H-Bomb to the Human Bomb

Modern terrorism seeks to combine the annihilating power of Hiroshima with the nihilistic gospel of Auschwitz.

Bruce Bawer An Anatomy of Surrender

Motivated by fear and multiculturalism, too many Westerners are acquiescing to creeping sharia.

Pascal Bruckner Europe’s Guilty Conscience

Self-hatred is paralyzing the Continent.

Judith Miller New York 9/11/11

Ten years after the terror attacks, the city is safer, thanks to the NYPD—but the threat remains.

Judith Miller America on Edge

Concerns about terrorism return to the forefront of national politics.

Tevi Troy Is Gotham Ready for Bioterror?

Maybe—but distributing remedies would be daunting.