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From the archives

Heather Mac Donald Conservative Donors: Wake Up!

Right-leaning philanthropists need to think more strategically with their largesse—and stop bestowing massive gifts on Harvard, of all places.

Jacob Howland Henry Adams and the Crisis of Education

How the famed historian foresaw our civilizational predicament

Jul 14 2023
John O. McGinnis Law, Betrayed

Identity’s triumph over argument in legal education undermines democracy.

Heather Mac Donald In Loco Masculi

The feminization of the American university is all but complete.

Mar 05 2023
Jacob Howland The Campus as Factory

Corporatist progressivism and the crisis of American higher education

Heather Mac Donald The Therapeutic Campus

Why are college students seeking mental-health services in record numbers?

Harry Stein How My Friends and I Wrecked Pomona College

When the faculty and administration gave in to our outrageous demands in the 1960s, the school began its long slide toward mindless political correctness.

Heather Mac Donald The Microaggression Farce

The latest campus fad, which sees racism everywhere, will create a new generation of permanent victims.

Heather Mac Donald Harvard’s Diversity Grovel

In earmarking $50 million for “diversity,” President Summers is throwing away more than money.

Jun 03 2005