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Megan Rose

Megan Rose is the CEO of Better Together, an organization that strengthens families and communities by promoting work, protecting children, and supporting families in crisis. With the help of hundreds of compassionate volunteers and church communities, Better Together builds lasting support systems that help families cope with hardships—job loss, substance abuse, homelessness, and even jail time—and ensure that children are cared for in a safe home until the family can be reunited.

Founded in 2015, Better Together provides a voluntary and preventive alternative to foster care through its Better Families program, which has served more than 2,500 children and kept 98% of them out of the system. Additionally, the organization’s Better Jobs program has helped nearly 28,000 job seekers through church-based job fairs across 20 states.

Rose has dedicated her life and career to strengthening families and reminding people of their dignity, worth, and value. With more than 12 years of dedicated experience in social services, she is passionate about this important work. Today, Rose’s family hosts children in their home and approaches this ministry together. Prior to being selected as a Civil Society Fellow, Rose was one of the inaugural recipients of Manhattan Institute’s Civil Society Awards in 2019. 

Rose holds an undergraduate degree in psychology and a master’s degree in human services counseling, with a dual concentration in executive leadership and marriage and family, from Liberty University.

Learn more about Rose’s work at www.bettertogetherus.org.

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