Last spring, I published a whistleblower report on the secret sex-change program at Texas Children’s Hospital. The hospital had promised to stop such procedures, which included the administration of puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones—but in fact, it continued to perform transgender medical interventions on children as young as 11.

Following the story’s publication, Texas legislators passed Senate Bill 14, banning all child sex-change procedures statewide, angering left-wing activists and officials at TCH, who had opposed any restriction on transgender medicine.

Then the plot took another turn. Federal agents, presumably having reviewed forensic information from TCH’s internal servers, tracked down the whistleblower, and Assistant U.S. Attorney Tina Ansari threatened him with prosecution. Though the whistleblower redacted all personal information and remained within the bounds of federal privacy laws, the Biden administration wanted to make a point: those who challenge trans orthodoxy will be punished by the state.

Now, in this exclusive interview, the whistleblower, former Texas Children’s Hospital general surgeon Eithan Haim, has come forward to speak the truth about the perils of transgender medicine. He knew the risks he was taking as a whistleblower, but he felt a moral obligation to protect the children being butchered by his colleagues.

I encourage you to support Dr. Haim’s legal defense by making a GiveSendGo contribution here.

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