After decades of celebrating the sexual independence of women, even condoning adultery if it satisfied your sexual needs, Cosmopolitan magazine—or at least some of its readers—now seems to be shedding the last tattered vestiges of bourgeois propriety. Here are three "Cosmo Confessions" from a recent issue.

Mollie, 24, shares: "I've been sleeping with my sister-in-law, and my husband has no idea that I enjoy her more than I do him. In fact, every time he goes out of town, he says, `Why don't you call my sister to keep you company?' We've been `keeping company' for about three years now."

Then Kim, 31, breathlessly reveals: "While my husband was away on business, I indulged in hot, steamy, unprotected sex with his business partner in his private office. It was the most orgasmic experience of my life. Now my husband, who never knew of this affair, has a two-year-old!"

Jennifer, 30, writes: "My boyfriend and I had been fighting, and he wanted me to cook for him. So I did. I put ants in his food and watched him eat it."

Er, maybe it's just me, but doesn't the new Cosmo girl, indulging in everything from bisexual adultery to malevolent pranks, seem less sexually liberated than just plain evil?


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