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From City Journal’s Symposium Series

Fighting the Oldest Hate

A symposium on anti-Semitism in the United States

Symposium: An Economic Agenda for the Next President

Proposals to reinvigorate American dynamism, innovation, and self-sufficiency

Symposium: A New Anticrime Agenda

Proposals for reversing America’s criminal-justice decline

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Steven Malanga on Progressive Policies and Their Consequences

Steven Malanga Baby Blues

Democratic states lead the U.S. birth dearth.

Steven Malanga California’s Golden Goose, Grounded

The state’s punishing tax structure yields a staggering decline in revenues.

Dec 12 2023
Steven Malanga Illegal Immigration’s Terrifying Cost

State and local governments are spending billions on migrants and asylum seekers—and the bill will only grow steeper.

Steven Malanga Myth of the Starving Shoplifter

Retail crime is driven by reduced penalties and organized gangs, not economic hardship.

Steven Malanga Anti-Gentrifiers Gone Wild

Advocates argue that development in urban communities displaces the poor, but their efforts to limit building will worsen America’s housing crisis.

Steven Malanga The Biden Bucks Blowout

Local governments are spending hundreds of billions of dollars in federal handouts for dubious needs.

Steven Malanga City Hall Socialists

The far Left is making inroads into local government races.

Steven Malanga Equity Warriors

Viewing discrimination as deeply rooted, municipal and school officials are pushing controversial new programs to boost minority outcomes.

The Spotlight

Heather Mac Donald Rational Fears of the Irrational

Concerns about future Covid lockdowns are conspiracy theories, insists the New York Times—but what credibility does the paper have to assure anyone?

Sep 18 2023
Nicole Gelinas Regressives

Unlike their predecessors of a century ago, New York’s progressives seem dedicated to destroying urban life.

John Tierney The Real War on Science

The Left has done far more than the Right to set back progress.

Theodore Dalrymple Sex and the Shakespeare Reader

Neither a utopian totalitarian nor a libertarian fundamentalist, the Bard offers no easy answers to the questions that have always confronted us.

Jeffrey H. Anderson A Border Crisis By Design

It is unequivocally the intended result of Biden administration policy.

Feb 02 2024
Lance Morrow D-Day, and a Summer of Anniversaries

Seventy-five years after the Normandy landings, reflections on America’s troubled subsequent history

Jun 05 2019
Jun 10 2019
Barry Latzer An Enduring Error

A half-century later, the Kerner Report’s fame overshadows its mistaken analysis of urban riots and blindness to racial progress.

James B. Meigs The Green War on Clean Energy

Radical environmentalists fight against the very technologies that would cut carbon emissions.

Judge Glock The Empire of Fees

How charges and fines drive government growth

Steven Malanga Philip Roth’s Newark

The city at its peak and in its decline are the novelist’s two greatest characters.

Richard Brookhiser The Forgotten Founding Father

Gouverneur Morris, the New Yorker who authored the Constitution