Yevgeniy Feyman
The MTA should ditch the gold-plated health plans and plow the savings into higher wages.

Eye on the News

Steven Malanga
States that want innovators to move in need to lessen the burden on top earners.


John Seiler
Tom Steyer’s $1 billion “green-jobs” initiative is a bust.

Recent Features

What Passes for Scholarship These Days
William H. Sousa
A response to Broken Windows critic Bernard Harcourt
The BRICs Hit the Wall
Guy Sorman
Emerging economies are a long way from eclipsing the West.
Sadness and Hilarity
Stefan Kanfer
The epic adventures of Charlie Chaplin’s Little Tramp
Community-Based Chaos
James Panero
The de Blasio administration has all the wrong answers on the homeless mentally ill.
Inspector Gotcha
Walter Olson
New York attorney general Eric Schneiderman has zealously used his office to pursue cases favored by left-wing activists.
More Less
The Guru of “Short-termism”
Matthew Hennessey
Hillary Clinton exemplifies the habit she campaigns against.
New York Has No “Apartheid” Schools
Seth Barron
Ignoring demographics, city council members attack the racial makeup of Gotham schools.
Charities on the Dole
Steven Malanga
Dependence on government funding destroyed FEGS and threatens other once-great philanthropic organizations.
Why We Love Falstaff
Theodore Dalrymple
There is some of Shakespeare’s incorrigible rogue in all of us.
How to Make Time Slow Down
Laura Vanderkam
Open your mind and take some risks.

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Michael J. Totten
Why we’re obsessed with zombies
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Wall Street Journal
| Obamanet Heads to Court
Guy Sorman in
| Market forces destabilise the regime in China
Ben Boychuk in
The Press-Enterprise
| Californians deserve more than just clich├ęs
Matthew Hennessey in
New York Daily News
| Today's New York, saluting 60s radicals: Three local cultural institutions celebrate the Young Lords
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