Stefan Kanfer
Al Hirschfeld left thousands of artistic works, but no artistic heirs.
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Eye on the News

Matthew Hennessey
New York’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade capitulates in a two-decade-long dispute with gay groups.


Steven Greenhut
Attorney General Kamala Harris is investigating the wrong organization.

Recent Features

You Gotta Believe . . . in Tragedy
Harry Stein
A story of baseball, heartbreak, and political conversion
A Tale of Two Taxi Cities
Michael Hendrix
London and New York struggle to get along with Uber.
Romanticizing Radicals
Seth Barron
New York City’s progressive leaders are in thrall to a revolutionary past.
Likeability and the Lens
Matthew Hennessey
Hillary Clinton’s problem is that the camera doesn’t lie.
<i>The Mikado</i> Is Sent to the Corner with Huck Finn
Myron Magnet
The New York Gilbert and Sullivan Players wimp out.
More Less
When Political Punditry Was Born
James Panero
The Buckley-Vidal debates changed television . . . for the worse.
A “Step in the Right Direction” at the Port Authority
Judith Miller
Ethics reforms approved this week were long overdue.
Beneath Chicago’s Gloss
Aaron M. Renn
How it is possible for a city this booming to be this broke?
Francis and the Politics of Projection
Matthew Hennessey
The Left eagerly welcomes the pope, but his key event in the United States is a celebration of the traditional family.
Getting Away With Murder
Clifford S. Asness
The Donald’s attack on “hedge-fund guys” ignores his own industry’s habit of exploiting the tax code.

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Guy Sorman
Francis’s criticisms of the free market ignore its usefulness.
Winter 2014

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