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City Journal Autumn 2006.
Autumn 2006
Table of Contents
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Steven Malanga
The Right Immigration Policy

Not amnesty or guest workers, but newcomers who would strengthen us

Heather Mac Donald
Hispanic Family Values?

Runaway illegitimacy is creating a new U.S. underclass.

Steven Malanga
Silicon Alley 2.0

Gothamís digital economy didnít die after 9/11, and now itís roaring back.

Victor Davis Hanson
My Bizarre Libyan Holiday

It wasnít just the politics.

James Q. Wilson
The Press at War

The patriot reporter is passť.

Harry Stein
Now the GOP Is For Affirmative Action?

Abandoning principle may not even be smart politics.

Nicole Gelinas
A Social-Uplift Program That Works

The Queens Libraryís secret: help those who help themselves


Stefan Kanfer
The Dynamo and the Jeweler

The Gershwinsí easy American elegance

Theodore Dalrymple
The Gift of Language

No, Dr. Pinker, itís not just from nature.

Kay S. Hymowitz
The Trash Princess

Why Americans love to hate Paris Hilton


In Prospect


Theodore Dalrymple
Oh, to be in England

What Makes Doctor Johnson Great?



Christopher Gray
Manhattan Diarist

Old Glories

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