Winter 2005
Brian C. Anderson
The liberal stranglehold on academe is starting to slip.
Heather Mac Donald
Don’t believe the charges. American troops treat terrorists with Geneva-convention politeness—perhaps too much so.
Victor Davis Hanson
Weaker enemies have learned to use our strengths against us. This time, they’ll lose.
Peter W. Huber, Mark P. Mills
It’s cheap, clean, safe—and doesn’t depend on Arabia.
Kay S. Hymowitz
Though exaggerated, shows like The Apprentice reflect America’s can-do response to globalism’s competitive challenge.
Steven Malanga
There are no Blue states—only Blue cities, where tax eaters rule.
Nicole Gelinas
Union-dominated public pension funds seek to control the boardroom.
Steven Malanga
It’s time for someone to wield the power of New York’s governorship for the public interest.
E. J. McMahon
City Journal’s Quality-of-Life Index shows that less crime leads to fewer prisoners.


Theodore Dalrymple


Steven Malanga
New York State’s business climate is the nation’s worst.
Stefan Kanfer
The corruption of the Summer Game
Steven Malanga
The nation needs free-market reforms.
Theodore Dalrymple
A criminologist spins numbers—and ignores the reality of crime.
Charles Upton Sahm
The Gotham crime-fighting revolution spreads.
Steven Malanga
Instead of fixing New York’s bloated health-care system, Governor Pataki has made it worse.


Oh, to be in England
Theodore Dalrymple
Baghdad Diarist
Steven E. Moore
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