Spring 2002
Victor Davis Hanson
The flood of illegal immigration into California raises urgent questions that the whole nation must face.
Heather Mac Donald
Instead of forging a colorblind elite, these privileged schools stress everything that divides their newly diverse student bodies.
Steven Malanga
Savvy minority entrepreneurs helped create New York’s 1990s boom and now account for one out of every nine city jobs. Government should foster, not harass, them.
Myron Magnet
Our memorial to the victims of the World Trade Center attack should be an affirmation of our values, not just a cry of grief.
Steven Malanga
New York’s taxi industry needs a revolution, not a fare increase. Here’s what to do.. Here’s what to do.
Heather Mac Donald
The new numbers prove that there is no systematic police racism.
John H. McWhorter
The fracas between Harvard’s new president and its top Afro-American studies profs highlights black academia’s fixation on victimhood and double standards.


Richard Brookhiser


Heather Mac Donald
New York’s new welfare chief sometimes sounds like a Dinkins-era throwback.
Steven Malanga
Seven months after September 11, New York is on the road to recovery.
Steven Malanga
Mayor Bloomberg should make transforming this somnolent area his signature project.
Stefan Kanfer
The Jewish Museum’s “Mirroring Evil” is the most offensive show in town.
Roger Kimball
A SUNY trustee’s sensible criticism of black studies sets off a storm of protest.
Sol Stern
Michael Bloomberg may turn out to be Gotham’s biggest school reformer in half a century.


Oh, to be in England
Singapore Diarist
Howard Husock
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