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Autumn 2001
City Journal Autumn 2001.
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Rebuilding the City
Steven Malanga
How to Rebuild New York

Here is City Journal’s plan for repairing the economic and physical fabric of the city.
Brian C. Anderson
The Twin Towers Project: A Cautionary Tale

The building of the World Trade Center showed what happens when pols and bureaucrats, rather than the market, control redevelopment.
Franck Lohsen McCrery & Alexander Stoddart
What Should Rise from the Ashes?

City Journal’s plans for a rebuilt—and more vibrant—downtown
Daniel Pipes
Fighting Militant Islam, Without Bias

From 10 to 15 percent of the millions of Muslims in America are Islamist radicals. What protective steps must the nation take?
Farrukh Dhondy
Our Islamic Fifth Column

Radical clerics are recruiting British Muslim kids as terrorists.
Heather Mac Donald
Keeping New York Safe from Terrorists

Intelligence sharing and accountability for investigators are the keys.
Mark Krikorian
It’s Time to Plug Our Leaky Borders

Immigration officials haven’t taken terrorism seriously enough.
The Ideas War
Theodore Dalrymple
What We Have to Lose

Our civilization is more precious, and more fragile, than most people suppose.
Victor Davis Hanson
What Made Them Do Their Duty?

At the Twin Towers, cops and firemen showed they really were New York’s Finest, New York’s Bravest.
Kay S. Hymowitz & Harry Stein
Earth to Ivory Tower: Get Real!

We’ll lose the war on terror if the political and cultural Left succeeds in sapping our resolve.
John Kekes
Dangerous Egalitarian Dreams
Stefan Kanfer
The Consolations of History
In Prospect
Theodore Dalrymple
Oh, to be in England

The Dystopian Imagination
Sol Stern
Stuyvesant Diarist

Showing the Flag

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