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Autumn 1996
City Journal Autumn 1996.
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David Gelernter
The Immorality of Environmentalism

Critics of the Greens can’t just grumble about costs. They must make the moral case for a far nobler ideal than man the steward—man the creator.
Heather Mac Donald
The Billions of Dollars That Made Things Worse

Philanthropic foundations once used their vast might to cure disease, promote art, and advance education. In the sixties, they decided to reform society. Result: catastrophe.
Peter Reinharz
Why Teen Thugs Get Away With Murder

The philosophy that young felons need rehabilitation, not punishment, has fueled a juvenile crime wave. It’s time to try incarceration.
Roger Scruton
Communitarian Dreams

The newest intellectual fad is liberalism’s effort to preserve its welfare-state policies by cloaking them in conservative-sounding rhetoric.
Ross Sandler and David Schoebrod
How to Put Lawmakers, Not Courts, Back in Charge

Congress has shown how to end government by decree in the jails. It’s a good model for restoring democratic control over homeless policy, housing-project discipline, and special education, too.
Rita Kramer
New York’s Missing Megastores

If the city allows big retailers to build, shoppers will come—in droves—to the benefit of all.
David Garrard Lowe
The Man Who Gilded the Gilded Age
Tucker Carlson
Washington’s Lost Black Aristocracy
Richard Brookhiser
Alexander Hamilton: New Yorker
In Prospect
Theodore Dalrymple
Oh, to be in England

Free to Choose
Kay S. Hymowitz
New York Diarist

My Son Hamlet

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