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Autumn 1995
City Journal Autumn 1995.
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William J. Stern
C'mon, Governor Pataki, Lead

New Yorkers crave a bold vision, not tepid half-measures. Here’s how the governor can transform the state’s politics and win in ‘98.
Sol Stern
The Legal Aid Follies

New York’s Legal Aid Society keeps championing the disorderly poor at the expense of their law-abiding neighbors.
George L. Kelling
How to Run a Police Department

Get cops to care about what they’re doing, and they’ll do it right.
Heather Mac Donald
Law School Humbug

The hottest new legal theories may be antithetical to the very notion of law, but their influence is growing, even beyond the ivy-covered walls.
Kay S. Hymowitz
On Sesame Street, It's All Show

Sure, it’s a revered cultural icon, but Sesame Street teaches all the wrong lessons.
Kenneth Silber
When Cleanliness Isn't a Virtue

Environmental rules make it hard to reuse old industrial sites. Result: economic and environmental decay in U.S. cities.
Maritime New York: A Portfolio
Rita Kramer
Housing Court's Rough Justice

For thousands of working-class New Yorkers, this court has turned their dream of homeownership into a nightmare.
Stefan Kanfer
Time Bombs
Robert Adam
Tradition and the Modern City
David Gelernter
Mrs. Havermeyer's Legacy: Degas in New York
In Prospect
Theodore Dalrymple
Oh, to be in England

It Hurts, Therefore I am
Theodore Dalrymple
Beijing Diarist

"In China, It Is Different"

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