Winter 1995
Peter W. Huber
Telecommunications technology makes New York the indispensable hub of the information universe. The challenge: to keep it that way.
Heather Mac Donald
Disability will soon surpass AFDC and become the nation’s second-biggest welfare program. It is producing AFDC-sized problems too.
William J. Stern
Governor Pataki has a glittering chance to restore New York State’s fading economic vitality. He must de-invent government, not re-invent it.
Lydia G. Segal
Many community school boards are political patronage enterprises more than educational ones. The victims, as always, are New York’s children.
James Q. Wilson
Everyone wants to reform welfare. But how? Let the states experiment with ways to do it--as long as their plans put children first.
Richard E. Morgan
Today’s justices won’t overturn the ‘rights revolution,’ but they could be persuaded to moderate some excesses, making a world of difference.
Sally Satel
It’s no favor to let former mental patients lead desperate lives on the streets. Here’s a psychiatrist’s plan to get them the care they need.
Michael S. Gruen
New York officials routinely concoct complex financial schemes to evade the State Constitution and frustrate the will of the voters.


Brooke Allen
Nathan Glazer
Johanna Kaplan


Carolyn Lochhead
Heather Mac Donald
Ross Sandler & David Schoenbrod
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Richard Miniter
Heather Mac Donald
Michael S. Gruen
Richard Miniter


Oh, to be in England
Theodore Dalrymple
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