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Winter 1994
City Journal Winter 1994.
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Edward N. Costikyan
Cutting City Government Down to Size

Decentralization: Its Time Has Come
Honorable Edward G. Rendell
America's Cities: Can We Save Them?

Reflections of an Innovative Mayor
Charlotte Allen
HUD: Who Needs It?

Rethinking Federal Housing Policy
Walter K. Olson
The New Chutzpah

Criminals Sue the City
Heather Mac Donald
Asbestos and TB: A Tale of Two Crises

Health Hazards, Real and Imagined
George L. Kelling
Neighborhood Cops

Making Community Policing Work
Seymour Fliegel
Debbie Meier and the Dawn of Central Park East

When Teachers Take Charge of Schooling
Ross Sandler
Getting the Mayor Back in Touch

Five Steps to Better Management
Richard Miniter
New York's Needless War Over Water

When Federal Regulations Go Too Far
Page One
Précis: The New Politics of Race
City Voices: Advice for the New Mayor
At Issue: The Quality of Life—What Should Be Done?
Ideas and Observations
Roger Starr
Thomas Nast: America's Premier Political Cartoonist
Howard Husock
Urban Iconoclast: Jane Jacobs Revisited
Edward Fielden
A Touch of Tokyo
Susan Vigilante
The Ten-Foot-Tall Officer
Adam P. Glick
Out of the Ballpark

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