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Summer 1993
City Journal Summer 1993.
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Louis Winnick
Is Reinventing Government Enough?

A Critique of David Osborne
Thomas Main
Hard Lessons on Homelessness

The Education of David Dinkins
Bruce Bender and Amy Klein
Ten Ways to Trim the Budget

Proposals for Fiscal Prudence
William McGowan
Race and Reporting

Is "Diversity" at Odds with Objectivity?
E. S. Savas
Getting Around New York

Market-Based Mass Transit
Jan Rosenberg and Sol Stern
America Works

A Venture to End Dependency
Tucker Carlson
At Home with Big Government

City Watch: Washington, D.C.
Daniel Patrick Moynihan
No Surrender

Toward Intolerance of Crime
Page One
Précis: The Rise of the High-Rise
At Issue: Kaus and Horowitz Debate Welfare Reform
Ideas and Observations
PM: New York's Highbrow Tabloid by Roger Starr
Alexis de Tocqueville, Urban Critic by Witold Rybczynski
The New Irish by Francis Morrone
It's All Happening at the Zoo by Robert Bendiner
New York Diarist: Letting Government Off the Hook by Adam P. Glick
New York Views
Laurence Sprung
The Politics of Small Business
Stephen Kagann
How Clinton Can Help New York
Richard Miniter
Is Dry Cleaning a Health Hazard?
Robert Ward
Estate Tax Exodus
Jane McCarthy
City Contracts: Under the Influence

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