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Spring 1992
City Journal Spring 1992.
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George L. Kelling
Measuring What Matters: A New Way of Thinking About Crime and Public Order

Official statistics tell police they are doing a great job. Meanwhile, citizens are in hiding. How can we gauge the community's true needs?
Fred Siegel
Reclaiming Our Public Spaces

Strategies to restore civility to our streets and parks
Raymond Domanico and Colman Genn
Putting Schools First: Changing the Board of Ed's Priorities

If we are ever to have better schools, the Board of Education must get out of the way
Peter D. Salins
Correcting New York's Housing Mistakes

The city needs policies that widen the housing choices of all New Yorkers
Dick Netzer
Congestion by Default: New York's Haphazard Transit System

How the city could make it easier, and more pleasant, to get around
Nathan Glazer
Planning With Vision

New York's planners need to think more about the quality of life
Thierry Noyelle
The Competitiveness Debate: How New York Stacks Up Against Tokyo and Parsippany

The bad news about New York's economy has been exaggerated, but the city still faces important challenges in the 1990s
Editor's Journal
New York Views
Drug Dealers' War on Housing by James Taranto
Spreading the Blame Too Thin by Heather Mac Donald
A Growth Package for New York by Raymond Keating
Concrete Solutions? by Daniel J. McConville
Multicultural Disharmonies by Dana Mack
Savoring New York's Coffeehouses by Richard Brookhiser
Letter From Tribeca by Stephanie Gutmann
Diarist: Garden Nuptials in Brooklyn by Mary Cantwell

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