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Autumn 2000
City Journal Autumn 2000.
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Quinlan Terry, Robert Adam, Michael M. Franck, Arthur C. Lohsen, & James C. McCrery II
A New Lincoln Center

Let’s tear down the crumbling structures and start again. Here are three proposals by leading classical architects.
Lisa Graham Keegan
What is Public Education?

It doesn’t have to be what we have now: big, centralized districts, with ed-school-trained teachers. In Arizona, we have a better model: equal money for each kid, maximum choice, and tough standards.
Heather Mac Donald
How to Train Cops

New York’s Police Academy does a model job of turning raw recruits into efficient officers. It should put more focus on good vs. bad, less on black vs. white.
William J. Stern
Why Gotham’s Developers Don’t Develop

Kafkaesque regulations have turned builders into a cartel of political wheeler-dealers. The result: an economy-dampening shortage of offices and apartments in New York.
Roger Scruton
Bring Back Stigma

Without it, we become a shameless society—with some disastrous consequences.
Maggie Gallagher
Why Marriage Is Good for You

The data are clear: you’ll live longer, stay saner, get richer, and be happier.
Howard Husock
Let’s End Housing Vouchers

The politically popular Section 8 program ruins neighborhoods and perpetuates poverty.
Stefan Kanfer
Horatio Alger: The Moral of the Story
Harry Stein
Feminists and Their Enemies
In Prospect
Theodore Dalrymple
Oh, to be in England

Seeing Is Not Believing
Theodore Dalrymple
EU Diarist

Free at Last

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