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Spring 2000
City Journal Spring 2000.
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Heather Mac Donald
What Good is Pro Bono?

Elite lawyers make a big show of serving the public good for free, but today their “pro bono” activities fray the social fabric, and taxpayers often end up paying their seven-figure bills, to boot.
Sol Stern
The Vanishing Teacher and Other UFT Fictions

The union blames poor schools on low teacher pay, which drives away qualified teachers. It’s a purely political myth.
Kay S. Hymowitz
Who Killed School Discipline?

Court decisions and federal laws have turned principals into psychobabbling bureaucrats. How can kids respect them?
Brian C. Anderson & Peter Reinharz
Bring Back Sportsmanship

Sports once celebrated aggression civilized by rules. Now, anything goes.
Howard Husock
How Charlotte Is Revolutionizing Public Housing

Getting in synch with welfare reform, this housing authority now makes assistance temporary, not a way of life.
Thomas W. Carroll
Governor Pataki’s Failure

The governor ran as a tax-and-spending cutter. Now he’s as profligate as any liberal Democrat.
Portfolio: Gotham Groups
Stefan Kanfer
Good Literature Lives!
Roger Scruton
After Modernism
Theodore Dalrymple
How to Read a Society
In Prospect
Theodore Dalrymple
Oh, to be in England

Policemen in Wonderland
Myron Magnet
West Side Diarist

The Cosmic Cathedral

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