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December 2013

Harry Stein
No Respect | Comedian Nick DiPaolo is one of the few conservatives in the business.
20 December 2013

Matthew Hennessey
Bush Without Hysteria | Peter Baker’s masterpiece of objectivity
13 December 2013

November 2013

Ryan L. Cole
His Bravery and Theirs | A new exhibit celebrates Colonel Shaw and the 54th Massachusetts.
29 November 2013

Paul Beston
This American Life | Mike Tyson: delinquent, champion, felon, addict, penitent
22 November 2013

Aaron M. Renn
Is the City Where You Should Be? | A new book tries to make the case.
15 November 2013

Stefan Kanfer
Fridays with Charles | A new collection explains why Charles Krauthammer turned right at the crossroads.
8 November 2013

Nicole Gelinas
Saudi Bike | What does a girl’s desire for mobility mean for the Kingdom?
8 November 2013

Michael Anton
Back to the Future Film Festival | New York’s crime-ridden past has been amply captured on the big screen.
7 November 2013

Mark P. Mills
Not Dead Yet | America’s manufacturing sector shows signs of life.
3 November 2013

Matthew Hennessey
Bound by Wild Desire | A definitive portrait of Johnny Cash, warts and all
1 November 2013

October 2013

Stefan Kanfer
Carson Remembered and Rued | An insider’s look at the complex king of late-night television
25 October 2013

Gabriel Schoenfeld
Leakers and the Law | A World War II episode offers perspective on recent exposures of government secrets.
18 October 2013

Fred Siegel
Unrepentant and Unreflective | Twenty years on, David Dinkins hasn’t learned much from his time as mayor.
9 October 2013

Ryan L. Cole
Our South American Cousin | A stylish introduction to the extraordinary life of Simón Bolívar
4 October 2013

September 2013

Stefan Kanfer
Jerry’s Fate | J.D. Salinger, a new biography makes clear, will forever be the subject of psychobabble and speculation.
12 September 2013

Scott Beyer
Urban Utopianism | Not everyone loves cities, though Vishaan Chakrabarti thinks they should.
6 September 2013

August 2013

J. Eric Wise
Is Detroit Dead? | Charlie LeDuff says yes.
9 August 2013

Brian Domitrovic
Safety-Net Nation | The real costs of Obama’s economic policies are still being felt.
6 August 2013

July 2013

Jeremy Rozansky
Honest Abe’s Advice to Conservatives | From economics to social values, the Great Emancipator remains an indispensable guide.
26 July 2013

Yevgeniy Feyman
When Culture Trumps Economics | Brink Lindsey on the opportunities and inequities of our free-market system
24 July 2013

Stephen Eide
Autonomy and Its Limits | Should cities do more than they do already?
19 July 2013

Jonathan Leaf
Gone but Now Appreciated | Classic American illustrators finally gain critical respect, even as their art form vanishes.
12 July 2013

Mark P. Mills
Every Breath You Take | The age of all-seeing, all-knowing information analytics is nearly upon us.
2 July 2013

Heather Mac Donald
See the Sargents! | Museums in Brooklyn and Boston team up for an unforgettable show.
2 July 2013

June 2013

Jerry Weinberger
Food Politics, Food Pleasures | To each his own, unless you’re an ideologue
25 June 2013

Barry Strauss
The Antiwar Museum That Wasn’t | Alésia and the contradictions of the European heart
17 June 2013

Benjamin A. Plotinsky
Shakespeare Misplaced | Joss Whedon’s well-directed, badly set Much Ado About Nothing
6 June 2013

May 2013

Stephen Eide
The Deal of a Lifetime | Tishman Speyer’s debt-financed purchase of Stuyvesant Town looked perfect in 2006, but history intervened.
31 May 2013

Matthew Hennessey
Little Platoons | Rod Dreher’s homage to his sister raises profound questions about family and modern life.
24 May 2013

Stefan Kanfer
The Gross Gatsby | Baz Luhrmann’s version loses its place.
16 May 2013

Pete Peterson
Internet Republic | Can digital technology spark more active citizenship?
15 May 2013

Harry Stein
Hearty Ailes | The Fox News mastermind comes to life in a bracing biography.
10 May 2013

Judah Bellin
Principles Without Practice | Yes, conservatives of various persuasions should make common cause—but how?
3 May 2013

April 2013

Michael Warren
The Immigration Two-Step | Jeb Bush perfectly illustrates the Republican quandary.
26 April 2013

Heather Mac Donald
Rigoletto, L’Elisir, and Clemenza | Considering new and returning Met opera productions
10 April 2013

March 2013

Peter Whittle
Sorry No More | The old English politeness is harder to find today.
22 March 2013

Ryan L. Cole
Singular Cal | Amity Shlaes provides a long-overdue assessment of an underrated and misunderstood president.
15 March 2013

Fred Siegel
Dudes and Democrats | When liberalism became conquered by cool
10 March 2013

Laura Vanderkam
The Message Is the Message | Why some marketing appeals succeed and others fail
1 March 2013

February 2013

Daniel DiSalvo
Unfunded | A valuable and scholarly analysis of the state and local pension dilemma
26 February 2013

Yevgeniy Feyman
Don’t Believe the Hype | Andrew Napolitano skewers the reputations of Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson.
15 February 2013

Stefan Kanfer
Has Technology Made the Concert Hall Obsolete? | Paul Elie thinks so.
15 February 2013

January 2013

Sol Stern
Missing a Chance at Greatness | A riveting examination of Israeli counterterrorism, The Gatekeepers stacks the deck, denying viewers their own judgment.
31 January 2013

Stefan Kanfer
Abandoned by God, Betrayed by Mankind | Despite all he has seen, Elie Wiesel refuses to give up on faith or altruism.
29 January 2013

Michael J. Totten
Love It, Hate It—but See It | Zero Dark Thirty is too important to be boycotted by anyone but activists.
25 January 2013

Barry Strauss
Present at the Revolution | The enduring legacy of Cato, inspiration to George Washington and many others
18 January 2013

Judah Bellin
Free to Change | A new collection shows the evolution of Milton Friedman’s thinking.
11 January 2013

Michael Anton
A Tribal American Future? | Tom Wolfe’s Back to Blood explores the downside of Miami’s diversity.
8 January 2013