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December 2009

Heather Mac Donald
A Modern Children’s Classic | Fantastic Mr. Fox revives the imaginative genius of the early twentieth-century masters.
30 December 2009

Harry Stein
Free David Mamet! | Conservative ideas get scant attention on the American stage.
30 December 2009

Stefan Kanfer
All That Jazz | Terry Teachout’s luminous biography captures the “sunlit, hopeful art” of Louis Armstrong.
22 December 2009

Guy Sorman
Bad Ideas Never Die | Jean-Francois Revel’s career-long argument against utopian thinking
18 December 2009

Paul Beston
A World of Sorrow | Lorrie Moore’s new novel is both funny and quietly devastating.
11 December 2009

Michael Knox Beran
Romantic Science | Dr. Frankenstein wasn’t just a literary conceit.
4 December 2009

November 2009

Mark Riebling
Churchill’s Finest Hour | How the Paris Hilton of British politics became the savior of the Western world
24 November 2009

Laura Vanderkam
You Say Potato, I’ll Say Potato | How social networks influence our behavior and outlook
18 November 2009

Daniel J. Flynn
Neither God nor Devil | Two new biographies show Ayn Rand in all of her complexity.
11 November 2009

October 2009

Jacob Laksin
The Crescent and the Continent | Christopher Caldwell explores how Islamic immigration has transformed Europe.
30 October 2009

Adam D. Thierer
Plato Wrote It Down | Dennis Baron unrolls the long history of techno-skepticism.
23 October 2009

Guy Sorman
How to Liberate an Economy | Entrepreneurs understand the importance of freedom in the workplace.
21 October 2009

Mark Riebling
Conservatism Turned Upside Down | Sam Tanenhaus’s critique of conservative reason
16 October 2009

Adam Fleisher
A Cautionary Tale | Alan Beattie’s sobering history of government-directed economics
9 October 2009

September 2009

Dane Stangler
A Critique of Pure Financial Reason | Did Efficient Market Hypothesis destroy the economy?
25 September 2009

Fred Siegel
The Romance of Evil | A new film tells the disturbing story of the Baader-Meinhof gang—but overlooks some key points.
18 September 2009

Nicole Gelinas
Global Warning | Iceland’s failed banks offer the West a lesson.
17 September 2009

Adam Kirsch
Justice and Its Critics | Two new books take fresh looks at John Rawls’s magnum opus.
11 September 2009

James Panero
All My Sons | Two memoirs of William F. Buckley outline his towering shadow.
4 September 2009

August 2009

Sol Stern
The Promise Land | George Gilder celebrates the civilizational achievements of the Jewish state.
28 August 2009

Stefan Kanfer
Memo to the Führer | A report on Quentin Tarantino’s Inglourious Basterds
25 August 2009

Laura Vanderkam
This Won’t Cost a Bit | Chris Anderson explores the paradoxes of getting something for nothing.
21 August 2009

July 2009

Howard Husock
Jane Jacobs’s Legacy | Her once-controversial vision of the vitality of neighborhood life—including that of the slums—has enjoyed posthumous success.
31 July 2009

Fred Siegel
Tory in America | A timely reissue of the great essayist Henry Fairlie’s work
24 July 2009

Theodore Dalrymple
Modernists in Medieval Clothing | Kenan Malik traces Islamic terror to twentieth-century influences.
16 July 2009

Laura Vanderkam
Day-Share Dads | Jeremy Adam Smith’s new book describes the emerging culture of stay-at-home fathers.
10 July 2009

June 2009

Stefan Kanfer
Autism, Non-Hollywood Version | Karl Greenfeld’s painful, eloquent memoir lays bare the disease’s toll.
26 June 2009

Jacob Laksin
A Study in Defeat | Bruce Bawer calls out Western apologists for radical Islam.
26 June 2009

Liam Julian
The Private Schools No One Sees | In the world’s slums, the poor have taken to educating themselves.
19 June 2009

Heather Mac Donald
Obscure Treasures at the Brooklyn Museum | Go see the museum’s Caillebotte exhibit—and keep an eye out for a Boldini.
17 June 2009

Guy Sorman
Rationing Happiness | Robert Frank makes the behaviorist case for less economic competition—and higher taxes.
12 June 2009

Bruce S. Thornton
Dupes | Jamie Glazov exposes the Left’s long history of cozying up to political murderers.
5 June 2009

May 2009

Jacob Laksin
Rebels to the Death | A definitive, updated history of West Germany’s depraved Baader-Meinhof terrorists
29 May 2009

Benjamin A. Plotinsky
That Jewish Novel | Gertrude Himmelfarb explores the rocky terrain around Daniel Deronda.
22 May 2009

Guy Sorman
The Rational Crisis | Richard Posner takes on the financial meltdown.
15 May 2009

Heather Mac Donald
Royal Heartbreak | A new production of Ionesco’s Exit the King amplifies life’s mysteries.
11 May 2009

Guy Sorman
The Behaviorists’ Hour | George Akerlof and Robert Shiller propose an alternative to classic free-market economic theory.
8 May 2009

Michael Weiss
Kings of Prime Time | NBC takes a few pages out of the Bible.
8 May 2009

Jack Wade Nowlin
Smorgas-Bork | A delectable sampler of the great jurist’s writings and arguments
1 May 2009

April 2009

Theodore Dalrymple
Between Experience and Reflection | Paul Hollander anatomizes ideology, evil, and human contradiction.
27 April 2009

Anthony Paletta
Ideology My Teacher Taught Me | David Horowitz and Jacob Laksin profile political indoctrination in academic departments.
17 April 2009

Guy Sorman
Thanks But No Thanks | African economist Dambisa Moyo calls for a halt to Western aid.
10 April 2009

James Kirchick
Tough Love | Bronwen Maddox makes the case against Anti-Americanism.
3 April 2009

March 2009

John M. Murtagh
Tanned, Rested, and Unrepentant | Ex-Weatherman Mark Rudd sets out to promote his self-serving memoir.
27 March 2009

Heather Mac Donald
A Gift and a Travesty | Two Met productions show how to do opera—and how to mangle it.
20 March 2009

Gerald J. Russello
Takings Issue | Richard Epstein calls for a return to sanity in property law.
20 March 2009

Guy Sorman
China’s Dubious “Miracle” | Behind the statistics of economic prosperity, a nation divided and tormented.
13 March 2009

Charles Upton Sahm
Why KIPP Schools Work | Jay Mathews shows how they’re revolutionizing education in America.
13 March 2009

Adam Kirsch
Intellectuals at the Gates | Some revolutions fail when the enlightened misread the national mood.
6 March 2009

February 2009

Michael Weiss
Little Englanders | Morrissey and Philip Larkin, morose brothers
27 February 2009

Anthony Paletta
The New Che, Same as the Old | Steven Soderbergh’s biopic continues Hollywood’s worship of a brutal man.
27 February 2009

Dane Stangler
Prophet Motive | Bill Gates’s vision of “creative capitalism”
20 February 2009

Sol Stern
Catholic-School Closing Tragedy | Patrick J. McCloskey reminds us about what we’re losing.
13 February 2009

John H. McWhorter
Dead End | Hubert Harrison’s militant, unproductive racial politics
6 February 2009

January 2009

James Panero
Evolution for Art’s Sake | Denis Dutton’s Darwinian aesthetics
30 January 2009

Andrew Klavan
Escape from L.A. | Roger L. Simon’s political journey
28 January 2009

Jack Wade Nowlin
The Power and the Duty | A history of Anglo-American judging recovers the true origins of judicial review.
27 January 2009

Edward Feser
Purely Academic | Stanley Fish wants professors to quit the agitprop and stick to the facts.
23 January 2009

Brendan Boyle
Middlebrow Messiahs | Alex Beam’s engaging new history of the Great Books
16 January 2009

Kay S. Hymowitz
The Children’s Hour | Can Geoffrey Canada’s brilliant education experiment in Harlem be extended nationally?
14 January 2009

Michael Knox Beran
Dukedom Large Enough | What Jefferson’s library reveals about America’s best-known bookworm
9 January 2009

William Anthony Hay
Napoleon’s Europe | How the French emperor shaped the future of a continent
9 January 2009