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December 2008

Dane Stangler
Escape from the Price Spiral | Robert Samuelson’s history of postwar inflation belongs on Obama’s bookshelf.
December 31, 2008

Adam Kirsch
Red Plunder | Sean McMeekin details the staggering thievery of Lenin and the Bolsheviks.
December 24, 2008

Daniel J. Flynn
The Right Gifts | A new history of conservative philanthropy offers a timely message.
December 12, 2008

November 2008

Laura Vanderkam
All You Need Is Help | Are geniuses born or made? Both, says Malcolm Gladwell.
November 26, 2008

Jacob Laksin
Scenes from a Carnage | A New York Times war correspondent chronicles how Iraq came undone.
November 21, 2008

Joanne Jacobs
Nagging for Success | Inner-city schools embrace a “new paternalism”—with encouraging results.
November 20, 2008

Theodore Dalrymple
Slouching Toward Fanaticism | Passionate intensity, but little rationality, in the anti-immunization movement
November 14, 2008

October 2008

Stefan Kanfer
The Nimble Tread of the Feet of Fred | Joseph Epstein’s biography examines the Astaire magic.
October 31, 2008

Theodore Dalrymple
Careful What You Wish For | Two novelists portray the allure—and limitations—of liberation.
October 24, 2008

Fred Siegel
Family Ties | Bernard-Henri Lévy explains his enduring, if troubled, relationship with the Left.
October 22, 2008

Adam Kirsch
The Roar of Justice | Philosopher Raymond Geuss, an idealist in realist’s clothing
October 17, 2008

Daniel J. Flynn
Obama: The Oak Grown from Acorn | The radical group is front and center when it comes to voter fraud.
October 16, 2008

Paul Beston
Who Do You Like? | McCain and Obama, under Frontline’s lens.
October 14, 2008

Adam D. Thierer
Understanding Our Digital Kids | A new book offers a guide for mentoring the children of the Web.
October 10, 2008

Laura Vanderkam
Soft Targets | The data miners are watching, but they don’t always see us clearly.
October 10, 2008

Harry Stein
All Hammer, No Nail | Though brave, An American Carol is more polemic than entertainment.
October 9, 2008

Jacob Laksin
New Dawn | A counterinsurgency veteran reveals how the U.S. turned the tide in Iraq.
October 3, 2008

September 2008

Stefan Kanfer
Self-Murder Mystery | Christopher Lukas’s harrowing memoir describes a family heritage of destruction.
September 26, 2008

Adam D. Thierer
The Internet Isn’t Dying | On the contrary, the Web is just catching its second wind.
September 19, 2008

Bruce S. Thornton
No We Can’t | For over a generation, the Democratic Party’s left wing has been determined to lose America’s wars.
September 12, 2008

Nicole Gelinas
Driving Lessons | Honk if you want to know just how complicated automobile safety is.
September 5, 2008

August 2008

Leslie S. Lebl
Tale of a German Sheikh | France’s novel of the moment links Islamism to Nazism.
August 22, 2008

Jacob Laksin
In Sight, Out of Mind | Andrew McCarthy chronicles government bungling prior to the first World Trade Center attack.
August 15, 2008

Bruce S. Thornton
Islam Without Apologetics | Andrew Bostom documents the long history of Muslim anti-Semitism.
August 8, 2008

James Kirchick
History’s Comeback | According to Robert Kagan, the world is back to normal.
August 1, 2008

July 2008

Daniel J. Mahoney
With All His Might | Winston Churchill did save the West, John Lukacs shows.
July 25, 2008

Fred Siegel
What Might Have Been | Bill Clinton and Newt Gingrich were making progress on entitlement reform, until . . .
July 18, 2008

Laura Vanderkam
Still Made for You and Me | If America is so bad, why is Barbara Ehrenreich so successful?
July 16, 2008

Tim Connors
Counterterrorist Tales | Michael Sheehan remembers 30 years of fighting bad guys.
July 11, 2008

James Kirchick
Communist Loser | Eric Hobsbawm, revisionist
July 9, 2008

Paul Beston
John Adams Survives | His famous last words may be a myth, but the nation he helped found is a triumphant reality.
July 3, 2008

June 2008

Bruce S. Thornton
Religion and the Age | George Weigel gives Christian answers to the West’s most pressing questions.
June 27, 2008

Stefan Kanfer
For Whom the Joke Tolls | Jim Holt’s compendium collects some pretty good ones.
June 25, 2008

John Robb
Fear Factor | Surviving a disaster often depends on self-control.
June 21, 2008

Laura Vanderkam
Choosing Wisely | Can “libertarian paternalism” make the world a better place?
June 11, 2008

Nicole Gelinas
Stock Characters | Two centuries’ worth of Wall Street highs and lows
June 6, 2008

Paul Beston
The Emerging Reagan Consensus | The 40th president’s place in history seems assured.
June 4, 2008

May 2008

Benjamin A. Plotinsky
Devil’s Bargain | Rob Riemen exposes, and yet also exemplifies, sophisticated irrationalism.
May 30, 2008

Kay S. Hymowitz
Sex on a Sugar High | The Sex and the City movie, sweeter than its TV inspiration
May 28, 2008

Michael Knox Beran
Mastery, Not Drift | William F. Buckley’s final book is faithful to his earliest inspirations.
May 23, 2008

Michael J. Totten
The Real Iraq | Michael Yon sees the country, and the war, without ideological blinders.
May 16, 2008

Gerald J. Russello
Unfinished Legal Business | Conservative public-interest law awaits a third generation of scholars.
May 9, 2008

James Kirchick
Choosing the Whip | Heidi Holland explores the complex psychology of Robert Mugabe.
May 7, 2008

Stefan Kanfer
Pyrrhic Victory | A new comic-book history chronicles a war between good taste and free expression.
May 2, 2008

April 2008

Guy Sorman
Asia Rises, Unevenly | Bill Emmott describes the continent’s opportunities and obstacles.
April 30, 2008

Daniel J. Flynn
Innocent Nevermore | Carl Oglesby was disillusioned first by America, then by the New Left.
April 25, 2008

Peter Lawler
A Human Person, Actually | A powerful philosophical case for protecting embryos
April 18, 2008

Brian C. Anderson
Dead Zone of the Human Spirit | Martin Amis looks unflinchingly at Islamic terror.
April 18, 2008

Catesby Leigh
New Urbanists Point the Way Forward | But is anyone listening?
April 18, 2008

Stefan Kanfer
Larger Than Life | Richard Widmark and Charlton Heston, R. I. P.
April 10, 2008

Fred Siegel
Audacity’s Children | The American Left has a long history of utopianism.
April 4, 2008

James Kirchick
The Passivist | Matthew Yglesias proves that doves, too, bury their heads in the sand.
April 3, 2008

March 2008

Steven Malanga
Who’s Your Economist? | Richard Florida and his “creative class” are at it again.
March 28, 2008

John H. McWhorter
Looking Past Race | Too many blacks are obsessed with racism, says Larry Elder.
March 26, 2008

Paul Beston
After Tyson, the Desert | Boxing’s decline began the night Buster Douglas beat Mike Tyson, says Joe Layden.
March 21, 2008

Heather Mac Donald
Beauty, While Supplies Last | New York City Opera’s delightful Falstaff is the kind of production that may soon be hard to find.
March 21, 2008

Stefan Kanfer
History for Losers | Nicholson Baker’s objectively fascist new book doesn’t even rise to the level of polemic.
March 14, 2008

Bezalel Stern
Home Away from Home | Bernhard Schlink’s latest novel raises provocative questions of justice and evil.
March 7, 2008

February 2008

Ibn Warraq
The Pious Fraud | Tariq Ramadan, Islamist and equivocator
February 29, 2008

Edward Short
Hotel Americana | From early in the nation’s history, hotels were part of its fabric.
February 22, 2008

Steven Malanga
Dark Underbelly | Chris Burgard’s new documentary is a harrowing picture of illegal immigration in America.
February 20, 2008

Charles Siegel
The Architect’s New Clothes | John Silber exposes the pretensions of celebrity “starchitects.”
February 15, 2008

Daniel J. Mahoney
Whom Should We Admire? | Paul Johnson surveys heroes from literature, history, and politics.
February 13, 2008

John H. McWhorter
Party of Chains | The greatest oppressors of blacks have been Democrats, says Bruce Bartlett.
February 8, 2008

Jacob Laksin
Not Dead Yet | Bruce Thornton warns of Europe’s potential demise.
February 6, 2008

Paul Beston
Comrades in Arms | The alliance between Reagan and Thatcher was even stronger than it looked—especially when they disagreed.
February 1, 2008

January 2008

Christopher D. Geisel
Yes, It Is About Religion | George Weigel rejects secularized analysis of the War on Terror.
January 30, 2008

Guy Sorman
Decline and Fall | Yegor Gaidar on Russia’s post-imperial syndrome
January 25, 2008

Bruce S. Thornton
Twilight of the Nation-State | European transnationalism is a utopian dream, Pierre Manent warns.
January 18, 2008

Jerry Weinberger
Rebels with Causes | Christopher Hitchens, Thomas Paine, and two modern revolutions
January 18, 2008

Roger Kimball
Architecture’s Rogues’ Gallery | Two new books celebrate the trendy, ephemeral—and contemptuous.
January 11, 2008

Phyllis Chesler
Brave Partisan | The many lives of Edith Kurzweil
January 9, 2008

Nicole Gelinas
Intellectual’s Survival Guide | Cass Sunstein wants us to reconsider how we assess the risk of catastrophes.
January 4, 2008