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April 2014

Steven Malanga
Welcome to the Jungle | Napoleon Chagnon’s study of human nature in the Amazon—and the academy
13 April 2014

Daniel DiSalvo
With Friends Like These | Preaching to the converted, a staunch defender of public-sector unions does them no favors.
4 April 2014

March 2014

Barry Strauss
Under the Banner of Women | History shows that love and war are not always opposites.
27 March 2014

Fred Siegel
The Midwest Will Rise Again | In fact, the region may well decide our next president.
21 March 2014

Matthew Hennessey
God’s Lucky Man | The “charmed life” of Shane MacGowan
14 March 2014

Myron Magnet
Montpelier Restored | Notes on a recent visit to James Madison’s estate
12 March 2014

Andrew Klavan
A New Thing on Netflix | House of Cards is not a conservative show—except when it is.
5 March 2014

February 2014

Harry Stein
Air Balls | A new biography of John Wooden rarely scores.
28 February 2014

Heather Mac Donald
Piano Man | If classical music must have a rock star, let it be Lang Lang.
21 February 2014

Laura Vanderkam
“The Story of America Itself” | Dale Carnegie’s influential life
13 February 2014

Matthew Hennessey
Every Moment Was True | Philip Seymour Hoffman, R.I.P.
3 February 2014

January 2014

Ryan L. Cole
George Catlin, Artist-Adventurer | A new biography is worthwhile when not bogged down with distractions.
31 January 2014

Stefan Kanfer
Classic Failure | Commercial-free WQXR-FM falls far short of its promise.
24 January 2014

Ian Penman
So Hip It Hurts | Steely Dan’s Donald Fagen looks back.
16 January 2014

Colette Arredondo
Sacred Revival | A Catholic architect calls for churches that “look like churches.”
10 January 2014