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Autumn 2002
City Journal Autumn 2002.
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Theodore Dalrymple is a physician who regularly sees patients in an English prison. He is a contributing editor of City Journal and a columnist for the Spectator. His latest book, Life at the Bottom, is a collection of his City Journal essays.

Howard Husock is director of case studies at Harvard’s John F. Kennedy School of Government and a City Journal contributing editor. An Emmy Award–winning journalist, he is the author of Repairing the Ladder: Towards a New Housing Policy Paradigm and a forthcoming book on subsidized housing.

Kay S. Hymowitz, a contributing editor of City Journal, is the author of Ready or Not: Why Treating Children as Small Adults Endangers Their Future—And Ours and a principal contributor to Modern Sex: Liberation and Its Discontents. Her Liberation’s Children: Parents and Kids in a Postmodern Age will appear next year.

Heather Mac Donald is a contributing editor of City Journal, John M. Olin Fellow at the Manhattan Institute, and author of The Burden of Bad Ideas: How Modern Intellectuals Misshape Our Society and the forthcoming Are Cops Racist? Her articles have appeared in the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times.

Steven Malanga is a contributing editor of City Journal and a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute. He was formerly executive editor at Crain’s New York Business.

John H. McWhorter, a contributing editor of City Journal and a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute, is the author of Losing the Race: Self-Sabotage in Black America and the forthcoming Authentically Black: Essays for the Black Silent Majority.

Walter Olson is a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute and the author of The Litigation Explosion and the forthcoming The Rule of Lawyers: How the New Litigation Elite Threatens America's Rule of Law.

Harry Stein is a contributing editor of City Journal. A journalist and novelist, he is the author of How I Accidentally Joined the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy: (And Found Inner Peace) and the forthcoming The Girl Watchers Club.

Sol Stern is a contributing editor of City Journal and the author of the forthcoming Breaking Free: School Choice and the New Civil Rights Movement.

James Q. Wilson, formerly a professor at Harvard and at UCLA, now lectures at Pepperdine University. Among his recent books are The Moral Sense and The Marriage Problem. He wishes to acknowledge the helpful comments of Bernard Lewis and Daniel Pipes on an earlier draft of this essay.



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