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Steven Greenhut
Losing Propositions « Back to Story

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Maybe the real problem is the state constitution?
Partisan Democrats in the legal profession are a mendacious criminal element who subvert the democratic process? Say it ain't so...
Actually the summary was accurate. It does eliminate the constitutional protections government employees now have. If a local government entity is not able to negotiate changes to pensions with its labor unions, it is entitled, under this proposition, to unilaterally impose changes. The entity may also unilaterally reduce COLA's that retirees are currently entitled to. (This portion of Mr. Reed's San Jose initiative was recently found to be unconstitutional).
Frankly It's getting old how the unions parade police and fire fighters as victims. I worked along side of them for years in Los Angeles and believe me, no one is suffering. The hours worked, compensation, retirement and health benefits are well beyond what is available in the private sector, and because of their compensation and access to first rate health care as well as much shorter professional life (20 years or less) they have much better health outcomes than people in other professions. It's more dangerous for your health sitting at a desk.
and so continues the long, slow but accelerating slide of California into the abyss of socialism and fascism. Not much left... many of the best and brightest and most motivated have used their intelligence, read the handwriting on the wall, and left that doomed state. How far will it slide?
Steve knows what the real problem is. The state judges who have to rule on the legality and fairness of the language are beneficiaries of the existing pension system -- so much for ojbectivity!
Attorney General Harris's initiative summary is a complete joke and a travesty. Reed's staff should definitely pursue a legal challenge to have the misleading summary corrected. The voters should have the correct information and the right to vote on an issue that, left unchanged, will lead to more city bankruptcies and increasing debt for future generations. Stockton and San Bernardino would have been able to avoid bankruptcy if this tool had been available. IT IS A NEGOTIATING TOOL,not some arbitrary slashing of salaries or pensions. It protects earned, accrued pensions while allowing for NEGOTIATED changes to future pensions.
The people have every right to vote. They way they should.