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Charles Upton Sahm
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Gee , no mention of Cathy Black, or the fact that CUNY remediation rates for freshmen skyrocketed during the Bloomberg pogrom .....
A mind stirring report that reveals in concrete statistical terms what the inner city children of New York City have had to endure. If the dates used here are correct then an entire generation of formr students are so undereducated as to make their chance of success in the labor market almost as difficult as winning the Powerball Lottery. I attended Lehman college P/T in the early 70's earning credits that led to early graduation from Manahttan. There I saw first hand how inadequate a NY City education was when 10 of the 24 students in an administration course could not read on the college level!!!!Giving credit to Bloomberg and Klein cannot be downplayed.Thank him for using his business success and acumen in turning the schools around and a thumbs down on the selfishness of the teachers union.
As a nyc administrator working in the trenches for the past 12 years under bloomberg, believe me bloomberg is a dangerous, sick ego maniac who destroyed the lives of hard working teachers and educators. If anyone actually believes this outsiders perspective they are being deceived with more smoke and mirrors. To actually back up these statements, I challenge the author of this ridiculous embarrassing article to see if he can find just ONE educator in NYC who agreed with anything bloomberg and his phony chancellors have done. I can tell you that you cannot find notta one people. Bloomberg is a devil roaming earth pretending to be for the people and the kids but he is an evil devilish, sick ego warped old man,,,believe me nothing to gain just reporting from inside the trenches of nyc schools.
As a NYC sales rep for a CTE education company; I hope to see not only investments in new "technology in classrooms" such as Ipads ect., but also investments in more effective cirriculum which will provide students an opportunity to earn a Technical Endorsement on their High School Diplomas.
This entire piece is written by an organization that is nothing more than a biased conservative think-tank.
Good riddance to Bloomberg and all of his uncertified, lackey "chancellors" They received waivers because Bloombucks bought off any opposition. They were a disgrace to public education which they tried to destro through privatization..
The new Mayor knows that all reform is meant as a way to cheat the worker of its rights and freedoms.

This is the way of all socialist/communists who know that all advances in society were really by the lower species but stolen by the imperialist white man.

The David Dinkins days are coming back and hopefully all NYC will suffer for its stupidity.
Large urban school district shot through with corruption and ineptitude. Alert the media.

Public education is a socialist institution meaning that it's news when it works, not when it doesn't.
Frances Ruth Harris January 09, 2014 at 6:50 PM
When politicians use education to exhibit power and change occurs at the administrative ego level, then there is little progress for kids. Mayor Bloomberg made important changes that should now be used as stepping stones for further improvement. To see a roll-back would mean less progress for kids. Let us build on the quality changes and move forward to further successes.