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Bob McManus
Irony and Oafishness on Inauguration Day « Back to Story

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For wasn’t Clinton the architect of welfare reform as we know it, a largely successful effort to crack the cycle of dependence that owned the souls of so many Americans?

No, he wasn't the architect. He signed the Republican bill very reluctantly an vowed to undermine it asap when he got a Democratic congress.
It always takes a couple of years for lefty NYC mayors to wake up to the fact that the City's tax base consists entirely of the 1% who work for a single industry: Wall Street. Schumer may be a lefty, but at least he understands the arithmetic underpinning the city's budget. What I don't get is why forms such as JPM haven't yet decamped to Charlotte. Their shareholders certainly want to know.
Gregorio LaVierra January 05, 2014 at 8:57 AM
What is interesting is that the New York Times called out these falsehoods and outright lies within two days of DeBlasio's agitprop theater on the steps of City Hall.
A not so thinly veiled warning to DeBlasio, the poverty pimps and fake clerics who see themselves as becoming the new overseers of the New York City plantation, perhaps?
Lesson to be learned by DeBlasio and company: don't bite the hand that feeds you. The complexion of the folks in City Hall may have changed, but bottom line the city is still run by the folks downtown on Wall Street and uptown on Fifth Avenue in Temple Emanu-el. And don't you forget it!
The 75% of NYC voters who stayed home get what they deserve when DeBlasion was voted in. Garbage in the streets, city schools that only get worse (never thought that was possible), and a police department unable to effectively stem the inevitable rise in crime with hizzoner forbidding their use of "stop and frisk."
No, Clinton was not the architect. Republicans devised the reform, and shoved it down Clinton's throat. But the Republicans were right. And Obama was wrong to reverse Welfare Reform's gains, particularly by illegal executive order fiat. Sadly, Obama wants Americans dependent on gov't largesse, calling it "compassion".
Dasani Coates was a victim of far left thinking. She has been kept in a shack on the government plantation for her entire life. There are thousands of good people who would gladly have given her a bed in their home. How hard would that have been? Of course government officials would have no role in the life of a kid who eats well and lives in a nice home. So she was kept instead in a homeless shelter.
Welcome to the delusional state of liberals. New Yorkers deserve what is coming their way.
The Clintons, both of them, are political whores. Ideology to them is fungible. Left, right, center, they've occupied all of these political positions, sometimes at the same time.
The same people who kept Adolf Hitler in power in Nazi Germany. After the Thousand Year Reich was no more, they become self-proclaimed lifelong, diehard advocates of Western democracy or Soviet-style Marxism, depending on which side of the demarcation line they ended up on after the war ended.
I don't get it. If Dasani was homeless, why didn't Child Protection Services take her in?

DeBlasio is obviously a loud-mouthed programmatic Marxist lout who -- make no mistake about it -- will destroy the city. The next administration will have a Herculean task on its hands to restore order.
DeBlasio scorns NYs wealthy elites while he is sworn in by Bill Clinton, who, along with Hillary, traded their political status into a fortune estimated at 100 million. Right.
New Yorkers elected this clown and now they are going to get what they asked for in spades.
Richard Mahoney said: "Along with the Yanks' love affair with guns and violence." Ironically, the worst violence in America is usually in places where government has done the most to "help."
"wasn’t Clinton the architect of welfare reform as we know it"


As Strelnikov notes, Clinton had to be dragged to the welfare reform table kicking and screaming by a Republican Congress. He has since done everything in his considerable power to undo that legislation. That includes the implementation of federal policy (interestingly, handled by Cuomo) that acted as the root cause of the housing bubble. Ultimately, his pro-welfare executive ploy ended in the economic meltdown that occurred (again, interestingly) less than a year after his party regained control of Congress.
Don't credit Clinton too much. His popular mythology now deletes the fact that he was dragged kicking and screaming to that signing.
Ritchie The Riveter January 04, 2014 at 6:39 AM
The inauguration sounded a lot like this, to my ears:
Just to add on to Mylesman and azlibertarian comments, Clinton only signed the Republican crafted welfare reform the third time, when it passed Congress by a vote that was big enough to over-ride a veto. He also made comments at the signing that he would work to amend the portions of the legislation he still didn't like (never happened). Now seen as one of the crowning achievements of his Presidency, he deserves only minor credit, if any.
Leftist new mayor sworn in by impeached, disbarred ex-president while Benghazi denier wife looks on. Perfect.
Please accept this correction to my comment. It was in 2012, not 1996, that obama gutted the welfare reform law.
Mr. McManus gives way too much credit to Bill Clinton for the 1996 welfare reform law. After two previous vetoes, and a trade off on an earlier minimum wage increase, Clinton signed the republican sponsored legislation.
By the way in 1996, obama illegally gutted work requirements of the 1996 reform law.
Between the three ( deblasio, Clinton and obama ), their ideological differences are quite similar. Clinton was the more American of the three, because he is an American, although personal and party, trumps patriotism.
obama's and soon to be revealed deblasio styles are more in the hugo chavez, totalitarian mode.
None of these guys could survive without the lies of a sympathetic leftist media.
Time to start the pool:

When will crime explode back to pre Gulliani levels in NYC?

When will net out migration become greater than immigration?

When will NYC declare bankruptcy?
By being against the trumped up crisis that is "income inequality" he has shown that he is for discriminatory application of the law and the enslavement of the productive members of society to his warped sense of altruism.

This is the enslavement of the economically useful to the self serving and dishonest political power mongers and their pet victims.

They invert the morality of the situation as those who are being put upon by more government demands to fund government induced failure push back. The greed is being shown by government and their dependents as they demand we fund a middle class life, that most have to work, for to those who have made bad decisions based on the faux liberal concept that all choices and lifestyles are equally valid or at least should contain no adverse consequences for the chooser.
The sad thing is that Bill Clinton even attends what he must predict will be a horrible show by dumb Dem leftists. Instead of seeking to improve his fading party as a wise statesman, Bill just wants to be adulated at the center of attention, even while slumming it for the sake of Lady Macbeth Hillary.
How sick is he that he should be so hep on having the nation's only felon impeached ex-president swear him into office? Answer: a Dem, that's how sick, Dasani's gleeful child-abuser savior who would be in jail in a civilized state, unlike barbarian, lawless, fascist NY deranged depravity.
note to rvaughn: i encountered a squeegee guy at the airport the other day, they are already back and feeling their oats.
does not bode well for NYC
While Clinton gets the credit for welfare reform, if memory serves, he vetoed two prior bills before finally signing the third.

As a political question, it would be hard for him to live up to his promise to "end welfare as we know it" while continuing to veto bill after bill.
they get what they voted for
Dasani Coates' biological mother and her stepfather are five percenters. The five percenters have a lot to answer for the dystopia that continues to be Harlem. As does their murdered founder Clarence Edward Smith (1928 – 1969). Mind you, an abundance of crazy religious groups, white and black, is what differentiates the USA from every civilised first world country. Along with the Yanks' love affair with guns and violence.
Now that diBlasio's Mayor of NYC, what's the over/under on the Return of the Squeegee Guys?
The disrespect arrogance and self righteousness of DiBlasio was embarrassing to say the least. They present themselves as the Vandals who just conquered a city. I only hope that they do not plunder it too badly. DiBlasio may hate Mayor Bloomberg, they were not rivals and Mayor Bloomberg was NOT disrespectful, but DiBlasios' behavior is unacceptable