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Stefan Kanfer
Father of the Wild Things « Back to Story

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This was the most wonderful review of anything ever. After crawling through digital pages of senseless dribble I found this and I thank you.
Rain,adustbowlstory April 19, 2014 at 7:59 AM
The best interview Stephen Colbert ever did was with Maurice Sendak.

It's really worth watching.
Excellent article. I would like to forward it to two friends.
The words from the last quote you use from Sendak, and many other thoughts from his interview with Terri Gross on "Fresh Air", have been set to music by Nathan Hall. The choral work, "I Am in Love with the World" will be premiered by the New Wave Singers of Baltimore on June 7th, 2014.
The graveyard story seems like it was lifted from the Twilight Zone Episode "The Grave," written by Montgomery Pittman and staring Lee Marvin, first broadcast Oct. 27, 1961.
I know how much you liked Sendak. I liked the story of the girl who hoped Sendak would die and the boy who ate the drawing. TC
Great review/article of a very artistic wonderful person. Thank you for shared insight.
Don't be so sure there won't be more Sendak books. Are you aware that the British actress, Emma Thompson "writes" Peter Rabbit books? Beatrix Potter wrote and illustrated the original Potter books.
When I was ten, my father bought me a paperback copy of Thomas Paine's, "The Age of Reason". Cost him 25 cents, new.

After that, I left the children's books and childish books behind.

Each to his own, I guess.
Aren't a lot of these quotes from the Terry Gross interviews on Fresh Air? It would seem fair to credit her.
What a revelation
"Financially secure at last, Sendak began to share his life with the man who would remain his partner for 50 years, Eugene Glynn, a psychoanalyst."
Transference and countertransference--simultaneously.
Only a Puritan nation could regard In the Night Kitchen as "a masturbatory fantasy." Goodness. Sendak was an extraordinarily original, delightful, gifted writer--we treasure all this books. Thank you for this.
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Terrific piece! I liked it so much, I printed it and ate it.