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Steven Malanga
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kris sergentakis May 20, 2014 at 5:37 PM
see for big time non profit fraud
Corruption starts at City Journal -- publish this "Bush Without Hysteria"

Australia's premier newspaper “The Oz” had as its first political cartoon “Pogo” – I've loved it since then. Its primary statement should be the motto of every politician and commander “We have meet the enemy and it is us”. Pogo's depiction of the Oz character for the 1956 Olympics has never repeat NEVER been bettered. That gets rid of some third rate cartoon.

Now some criticism of the author of the City Journal's piece. This man must be born on April 1 22531 AD no mistake 22531AD because I want him to be born yesterday for at least twenty thousand years.

First Republican Nixon was a criminal – he implicated himself. How criminal do you want a man to be? That the USA republic has two laws – one for presidents and one for others is your matter. The outcome you take lets the world judge USA.

Second Republican Reagan was a criminal – Iran-Contra. That the USA republic has …......

Third Republican Bush41 was a criminal – Stole a Canadian spy computer program and sold it as Made in USA. That the USA republic has …......

Fourth Democrat Clinton was cleanish in Whitewater yet the Republicans pursued him over his personal morals – Shows USA birth morality - Puritanism. And wanted to impeach him over sex. What fcukwits! See how the frogs run their president's sexual morality this was 1990s not 1690s.

Fifth Bush43 is a criminal because he fcuked USA and the downfall will attribute to him for reducing taxes of the rich yet starting a war that made the Mafia look honest; foreigners paid with pallet loads of money. It was sent to Muslims as protection money there is a law against that somewhere in USA statutes, I think its called bribery! I've seen poorly paid US Army officers pay $30,000 per month to stop fighting.

The crap in your essay is innuendo and scuttlebutt. So authors are now allowed to use them to pursue a point. How the fifth estate has fallen! Political correctness or is that a brave new world of USA now.

Katrina's primary cause was Bush43's deployment of National Guard's men and equipment overseas that loss exacerbated the initial problems and forced equipment to come from other states. The National Guard's equipment has still six odd years later no come to full compliment to protect the USA citizen from the forth coming Global Warming Catastrophe – die deniers.

Two of my favorite images of Bush43 is at the School 9/11 and on the ship for Mission Accomplished. A simple white lie would have got him going sooner. And a National Service avoider acting like Chaplin's General. Both show lack of initiative and command not a good sign for where Truman's buck stops. And the whole Bush43 administration let others lower in the ranks take the blame. A sure sign of debase morality and character.

To lead you need to know good advice from bad -- USA only gives bad advice because its partisan.

His business rescue will be the end of USA – see Zimbabwe and Germany late 1920's for a view of your future.

And my first comment stands as the correct action for USA to have followed. I have seen USA. God's land taken by fools! Give it back to Red Indians – they respect their home!
Whether it is foreign aid or nonprofits such as the war on poverty, these are more examples of what happens to free government money. These examples are only the tip of the iceberg. Other organizations continue on in the same vein with business as usual, protected by those that have their hands in the pie. Much of the money never reaches it's intended source. It is siphoned off by those entrusted with delivering the money to the intended source. Much of the funds are diverted to empower and enrich the trustees of those funds. This is an example that big government is difficult to police.

Read It & Weep !
And how many reporters are chasing bridge gate? There is so much endemic corruption in government it is astounding how little effort is made to root it out. Not sure if this reflects media bias, stories that don't fit the liberal narrative, reduction in reporters, or simple laziness. There are lots of great stories that need to be told.
But a corollary question needs to be asked in the face of the sandals and that is do some charities do good work and perform their functions scandal-free in the manner that they claim that they do?
Of course, if reform legislation is proposed (by someone like David Valesky, let's say), Shelly Silver will make sure his minions fold, spindle, and mutilate it until its just another insider scam by the time it is voted on by the full chambers.
I'd go further than the 25% of revenues, no relatives proposal. I'd argue that there's nothing stopping governments from limiting public funds to those donate to candidates, parties and political organizations. Provided the restriction is done within the vetting of recipients of public funds, this should run afoul of any free speech concerns.
It would remove those most likely to game the political system - those that depend upon it for revenues, grants, salaries - from influencing the political system.
A case in point is William Rapfogel, former CEO of Met Council on Jewish Poverty. He is currently awaiting sentencing on charges stemming from exactly what people are discussing on this blog-the pressure from electeds on not-for-profits for “thank yous”. Years ago, I served on a panel with Rapfogel and the guy actually did a great job of building housing for the elderly; feeding thousands of needy people; providing a whole array of services. While it's not popular to say it now, he is a good human being who screwed up and has been disgraced and financially ruined. The question is should he be destroyed forever as it seems prosecutors are planning or can someone like that be redeemed to do good again? Why do we always let the financiers get away without jail time and not-for-profit leaders are sent to jail and ruined for life?
Cancel all non profit status and make them all for profit. We need the tax revenue to support Oblamers giveaways.
"either charity or the more generic sort"

It is not just charity, but philanthropy for education, research, the arts, &c. that needs to go. For a parastatal enterprise like the New York Public Library, one might either reconstitute it as a public agency or provide it with an endowment and then leave.
We need to institute a general principle of public policy that the state does not engage in discretionary philanthropy, either charity or more the more sort.

1. Have state agencies limit their activities to philanthropic extensions of law enforcement (child protective services, foster care, public defender services, legal aid agencies, prison infirmaries, and half-way houses), extensions of public works (subvened mass transit), public schooling; and vouchers, insurance, and allowances provided individual households.

2. Never use contractors. When you have to deliver hands on, hire public employees to do it.

3. End all grants.


What would be in order would be a state constitutional amendment prohibiting any public agency from distributing grants of any kind to any party other than an individual household, prohibiting discretionary grants to households, and requiring competitive bidding on public contracts absent a few exceptions astringently reviewed.


A great many philanthropies will close their doors. The remainder will follow or find institutional missions working in the many interstices left by state welfare programs.
What's the difference between a NY pol and a California pol? In NY you can get rich.
Ladies and gentlemen, your representatives, hard at The Peoples' work lining the pockets of themselves, family, and friends on your dime. Remember: Nothing. Left. To. Cut.
Denver Colorado also has more than its share of nonprofit fraud. If any of these charities have an audidted financial statement it is almost always by an accountant who specializes in nonprofits. And you/we are supposed to trust that?

Also beware of: nonprofits that have a religious affiliation. They can give parsonage allowances to officials and nobody know how much that is nor is anyone allowed to ask.
I served on the board of three non profits over the past 15 years. Politicians including the prosecutors all were trying to raise money from us. That began a vicious cycle which forces the director to beg board members for checks, then vendors, etc. I do not excuse any corruption but I would like to see the people who put pressure on the non-profits to raise them money prosecuted before the non profit director who got caught up in the scam.
So as I look thru the article at the long trail of corruption and expose , expose and corruption,I come to the inescapable conclusion that that this theft/corruption is' not a glitch , but a feature ' of the system . The system is not NY and NYC but everywhere that politics and money intersect : there is a lot of money in government and a lot of money attracts some bad people , a lot of bad people . To reprise the article's title and to reference the more honest crime of bank robbing " That's where the money is "
It saddens me when a non-profit is found to be entangled in corruption because the consequence is the implementation of policies and procedures that expect the remaining, well run non-profits to spend more time and resources on documenting finances and internal workings than in administering the services and activities it is contracted to provide. Unfortunately non-profits are run by human's,some, like the rest of the world are vulnerable to power and greed. I would say, however, the over sight works because these non-profits and their leaders were found out and dealt with. In the for-profit world, however, corruption, greed and crime goes unpunished. There are cash businesses that most likely under report income and therefore taxes, do not pay minimum wage, etc. Let's talk about Jaime Dimon and JP Morgan Chase. Under his watch countries are suffering, individuals lost millions and he just got a substantial raise equivalent to the budget of multiple non-profits and some countries.
What a coincidence. Tonight's Sopranos episode was about corrupt NJ state rep and a corrupt community organizer who teamed up with Tony S to defraud HUD through gov't grant money. They siphoned off profits and stripped the bldgs copper.
Nonprofit scandals keep happening because of corrupt, power-hungry, greedy people continually occupying positions of influence, be they elected officials or heads of the nonprofits themselves. Ignorant, uninformed voters and donors keep the money flowing. Taxpayer money shouldn't go to nonprofits at all; the temptation for corruption is obviously too great. Let the taxpayers keep their money and give to the organizations directly if they choose to do so.
QUOTE: Running a neighborhood nonprofit even became a route to electoral success.

Yes. Just ask Community Organizer Obama about that.

Every elected Federal, State, and, City Official at the inception of their term in Office, and Yearly, thereafter, must take a lie Detector that they have never ever taken illegal or un-taxed income.

It's do-able. Stop talking, STOP CORRUPTION by elected POLITICIANS! FOR STARTERS!