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George Weigel
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These two critics of Catholic Social Doctrine have made themselves spokesmen for a free market economy not in keeping with the social doctrine of the Popes, which is based on social compassion and economic justice.

Se my review of Robert Sirico's book: "Defending the Moral Case For a Free Economy" on Amazon.

Father Clifford stevens
"The author argued that a 'standpoint' was 'a set of experiences, images, presuppositions, expectations, and operations (of inquiring and deciding),' by which human beings made sense of themselves and their relationship to the world.... As he showed me in his 1968 Theology Today essay on theology’s 'standpoint,' authentic Catholic intellectual life, and especially Catholic theology, is always 'toward': Catholic intellectual life consciously engages the fullness of human experience, which Catholic thinkers 'read' through the prism of revelation and reason, both of which, they maintain, cast the light of truth on human affairs." So if this starts with human experiences, and is oriented towards human affairs, in what sense does this deserve the name "theology"?
Assuming you are accurate in your historical account, how was it a problem for the Church to take Il Duce's money? Would you have preferred it to remain in a despot's hands?

Further, who survived, Il Duce or the Church? If the Church can withstand anything the world throws at it, and it has with around 150 Swiss guards alone which is supernaturally miraculous, albeit promised by Christ Himself.

You also complain about "authoritarian religious teachings." If you are in opposition to them and conduct your life in suspension of them, why do you complain about their authoritarianism? Hasn't the Catholic Church survived everything the world has thrown against it, including communism and homosexual predators in the 20th century? Did it not survive the Arian heresy? Did it not survive the PROTEST-ant heresies, one and all, which have dissolved into petty, back-biting nuances of Biblical self-interpretations, owing allegiance to no one?

Novak indeed was a champion of freedom, but that is a double-edged sword because it becomes far more dangerous weapon when it becomes not "Freedom," but "License."

We now have a closet Muslim/communist/homosexual/abortion crazy black as president. Is that not the essence of Almighty License? And is not our nation coming apart at the seams as this man focuses his entire presidential purpose to destroy the economy, annihilate Catholic thought particularly in the abortion-centered Obamacare debate and application, as well as bringing in sworn enemies of Christianity in the multiple Muslim appointments he has made in high levels of government?

Well, liberals are getting what they wanted, and the punishments are adding up daily to an insurmountable and unsolvable disaster of economic impotence, leaving us vulnerable to all the enemies of the U.S. which have been licking their chops just waiting for the day when the fallacy of free housing, free wealth and free power are reachable by all through "social justice." Clinton started it, Obama is finishing the job.

And now we see the just results of the passion to get something ... nay, EVERYthing ... for nothing. And God is sending the historic agents of Israel's punishment right into our midst, and nobody has the gumption to oppose it. When we go the way of Malmo, maybe we'll wake up, but our abortions and birth controls have all but guaranteed that no such opposition will ever be possible.
“Toward a Theology of the Corporation.” That fits the problem the Vatican faced when Mussolini came to power. They took il Duce's money, a lot of it.

Michael Novak missed that problem.

He also went the way of authoritarian religious teachings, oddly minimizing the claims of personal conscience. "Speak truth to power" was not his way.

And he said this, which made him enemies across the world: "Christians must be Jews. The truth of what we believe depends on the truth of Judaism, depends on the first covenant." Try to be a good Jew....

Yes, a good man. Thoughtful. Author of this: "In most of history societies have not been free. It is a very rare society that is free. The default condition for human societies is tyranny."

Novak, in veritable uniform and cleats, went to the plate against the hottest of fireballs. Anybody hitting .500 in that league is an All-Star.