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Tevi Troy
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The de Blasio group of community organizers
will make sure that no good deeds under the
Bloomberg administration will go unpunished
and New Yorkers who supported him will get what they deserve
NYC will be the new liberal caused Detroit. I hope the serfs are happy.
Most importantly Bloomberg avoided bankruptcy and the takeover of city finances by a financial control board as is the 1070s.
Except those taxes didn't seem to help in provding most of the city's 300,000 municipal employees new contracts. As a city worker I wish he would have used some of his personal wealth to give me a raise. Nothing like having a mayor worth over 30 billion while you can't even get a cost of living raise. I'm no fan of De Blasio but I wouldn't mind if he raises taxes to actually gives us raises. Of course I'm sure he won't do anything for us anyway.
Bloomberg spent $245-million running for office plus $650-million in extras while in office.

He also gave teachers enormous raises. Some 30% in one push, then more. He knew you have to pay to get smart employees.

This is the core fact of Bloomberg's administration: "since Bloomberg took office, Gotham tax collections have doubled" and that this is accompanied by clearly astonishing improvements to civic life for everyone excepting the homeless and disabled.

Taxes are good. NYC had been underspending on public goods prior to Bloomberg's 12 years.

He proved it.