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Pascal Bruckner
Gloomy France « Back to Story

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France will be the first country in Europe with Islamic terrorists in control of a nuclear arsenal-good luck with that.3215
No mention is made of the Jews, who are fleeing antisemitism and Muslims.
France, being the most Godless of western Europe, without the peace of the Holy Spirit in their hearts, their minds race like monkeys from one problem to another. Thus is the fate of the once inflated egocentric nation, now imploding within its national hubris.
I doubt the fertility rate of the native French is really as high as the statistics purport it to be. A little kitchen math: France is about 10% Muslim. So if 10% of a population is having about 3.5 children per woman and the average fertility rate is 1.9 children per women, what are the other 90% having? About 1.7, which is more or less the EU average. Raise your hands if you think this makes more sense than a depressed and disaffected population adding to their numbers.

Well, for such a highly regarded intellectual, a person who specializes in people and trend watcher, a philosopher of sorts, who writes a lot of words, Mr. Bruckner convinces me that he is typical of what one can expect from someone immersed in a sewer (France).

I mean he never once mentions MOSLEM, North African, Moroccan, Tanzanian, etc., etc., etc, non-white immigration into beautiful France which is driving French Europeans away in this cheap article.

France will be Moslem majority this century, with nukes and submarine commanders named "Mohammad".

About his dig at wealthy Catholics arriving in modest cars for mass, Mr. Bruckner attended Jesuit schools early on, yet he faults them in this article and again never mentions the legal invasion of France making is a mess mostly because of the third world former Moslem colonial subjects coming home to roost.

One would think Bruckner would be mindful of Charles Martel's defense against the Moslems in 732, but which collapsed after WWII when the same jealous. envious, utopian athiest sweet talked the French dopes into believing their heritage. culture and religion was toxic, or the fact Marie Antoinette was murdered because she was a Catholic queen would give him perspective.


Meanwhile some very stupid so called "smart" people like Bruckner wonder what the heck is going on and as they blab on against their own people's essence while blind to the reaper smiling at them with a crescent and a star.
Hard to believe that this is the country that gave us Frederic Bastiat! But evidently his clear and exceptional thinking has long ago ceased to be an influence there, if it ever truly was!
One more thing: I meant to add for you, Samuel, that the real problem of immigration in this country is both the lack of political will to enforce immigration law as it is written, and the encouragement of immigration of groups of unskilled persons, who come either to receive the welfare benefits or who obtain unskilled jobs and cannot advance in any meaningful way. Those immigrants create a dependency culture that also remains isolated from mainstream American culture.
As I will be visiting France this summer, I found this article to be compelling in its insight, even profound. France has struggled for many reasons in the last 100 years, particularly because of the French obsession with equality.

I must, however, take issue with those of you commenting for lumping in Catholicism as part of the modern day France-bashing. France has not been a truly "Catholic" nation for over a hundred years now, and it is easy to blame attitudes about money on the Church (the Catholic attitude has had but little influence in modern Republican France - the republican politicians and thinkers, as Bruckner demonstrates, have been pretty vocal against the so-called moneyed interests and do not need any demagoguery from the French clergy to achieve their objectives). Regardless of the subject of money, though, you cannot blame the obsession with Leftism and equality on the Church. The Church has stood against these obsessions everywhere, including France, and has largely been ignored.

Finally, Samuel, why do you juxtapose the USA's problems with immigration with the French? Especially since it makes you sound like an anti-Catholic bigot? There are increasing numbers of Hispanics who have converted to Protestantism (a problem for the Catholic Church, for sure), and they worship as they please without much interference in the social and cultural life of the nation - UNLIKE the Islamics, who all in one way or another support a highly separate rule of law (i.e. sharia) that is opposed to Western norms of law, and who insulate themselves increasingly from the social and cultural life of France.

Immigration problems is omited in Mr Bruckner article. It is bad for USA (catholics, unskilled immigrants) and to France (Islamic, unskilled immigrants). This is building a different perspective for the future.
a thorough understanding of french soul of to-day. It make us understand the path of countries under french influence ex. gr. Latin America
And to give credit where it is so richly deserved , this immigrant crowd , this 11Million yearning to be free ( not ) , was labelled " racaille 'by Sarkozy . He at lest got that much right .
Michael Steinberg March 04, 2014 at 1:47 PM
The ghosts of egalitarianism, catholicism, utopian socialism, plague and harness the human spirit, such that advancement and creativity take a back, and somewhat scorned seat.
The Balzac phrase “Behind every great fortune there is a great crime” is a misleading paraphrase. He actually wrote: "Le secret des grandes fortunes sans cause apparente est un crime oublié, parce qu’il a été proprement fait." So he was describing only the origins of great fortunes made without apparent cause.
If only Michael Schellenberger could dispatch those 11 million illegal immigrants and their precious brains to France to stimulate and renew poor France !
That so many people want to immigrate to the United States is a rebuke to the anti-Americanism of so many left-wingers everywhere. But we cannot afford to bring in unlimited numbers of low-skilled, low-educated people who will never pay enough in taxes to match the expenses of the public benefits they receive. The vast majority of the 11 million "brains" referred to in this article are people of very low education and skill. We already have a large surplus of low-skilled workers, at least 20% of whom are currently unemployed.
The babies you are adding are named Mohammad, and that hate France more than the French.
France has become a "defeatist nation"?! Say it's not so MM. Daladier!
As a resident of Norway I very much fear that my country will be the NeXT sick man of Europe.. Decades of welfare paid for by enormous funds from oil - going slowly in arrears through five-year cycles - will strangle much of our luxury lives--
The former government of Mr Stoltenberg was a regime that overlooked Finances, but which laid no new plans to increase competitiveness..
As a fairly recent (3 years but holiday home for 15) British emigrant to France, I am sorry to have to concur with a lot of what is said in this article. The biggest thing which has struck me is the lack of innovative entrepreneurial spirit - if somebody else does something new, then the indigenous population will copy it, but they will not take the step of being innovators themselves in the business sense.
It is quite sad, because there is so much to be positive about in French society, but without the courage to innovate, I fear there is a bleak future economically as the 'old way' becomes fossilised as the 'only way in which to proceed'.
And the paperwork!! Perhaps the biggest positive innovation would be the realisation that the email as opposed to paper is a GOOD thing rather than something to distrust...
One further thought; there are other French views on money. The final page of Zola's l'Argent has Mme Caroline reflecting 'money was always the manure in which the humanity of tomorrow was growing; money, poisonous and destructive, became the ferment of all social growth, the compost necessary for the great works that made life easier.'
And the last line:
Why then blame money for the dirt and crimes it causes? Is love any less sullied, love, the creator of life?'
Compulsory Zola in all lycees?
Perhaps the gloom has got to Pascal? If one looked carefully could one not find in other European countries much the same ambivalence about money? That reluctance to display wealth was certainly a feature of England till the booming eighties and nineties when 'to get rich is glorious' became a slogan not merely in China but in the City. Europe has been a long time digging itself out of a statist mentality accepted at first arguably as a means to win the war. France has a more acute strain of this virus as a result of its high tax rates but as with other economic ills of this sort it will pass.
Christine Rayess Atallah March 02, 2014 at 10:21 PM
I really enjoyed the article. Would it be possible to have the French version?

Thank you in advance
Socialism, Communism, Bankruptcy = Totalitarian Dictatorship
The French don’t like themselves any longer...

So they've finally acknowledged what billions of earthlings have known for centuries? That France is filled with French people that are despicable elitists, faux intellectuals, and Marxist trash?

Indeed, fragile egos breed contempt and discontent. That France and its malcontent socialists are finally awakening might be a bright spot in the looming failure of the EU. But, I doubt it. An ahistorical desire of and appreciation for socialism is ingrained in the crusty culture of France. Maybe Putin can roll into Paris this time and be greeted by writhing masses of Frenchmen willing to cede liberty for security. They'd best, because France is full of filthy Muslims that will sooner or later be in charge.
That article is right on and here in Quebec,, the separatist political party, the PQ(parti Québécois) unfortunately got the inspiration from recent French politics....
And Obama considers calcified, failing socialist economies his model for what should be done to the U.S.

The article has a jarring omission: the destructive effect of heavy Muslim immigration, the dominant source of crime and a huge drain on the country's economy. The fast-growing Muslim population is hugely destructive. As "bad money drives out good," bad immigration drives emigration of the highest-quality native French. In percentage terms, the emigration is probably highest among France's highly-educated and productive Jewish community.
Re Pascal Bruckner’s “Gloomy France” lists many depressing factors marking France’s decline, all of them probably showing shattering future decline of that once-proud nation touting its superior civilization. Trying to close upbeat, he offers a hopeful sign to dissipate gloom—its rising fertility rate . What he does not mention in describing the great exodus of its youth for the past 45 years or so, is their confusion, marked by the strange character istics of a rebellion touted as an augury of a New Age: 1968’s riots (echoed in the US too).

Strange because the dogmas of the protest were clearly anti-Israel and anti-semitic, typical of France during the last century. Does he ask whether the new fertility suggests Muslim demographics? And the increasing exodus of Jews worried for their future? Does the flight of youth to London and anywhere else by the hundreds of thousands suggest some French are not against money per se, which is too easy in a tax-subsized, super-welfare State? Is the anti-Israel factor part of the anti-capitalism rant of a generation-long unemployment rate well over 10+%? Bruckner is desperately Polly Anna-ish when he concludes: “Perhaps the recent diaspora [sic!] of the young and ambitious will one day be seen as the beginning of France’s salvation.”
I suspect your babies aren't from native French families but rather from immigrants. That will certainly provoke change...
If those 11 million illegal aliens are made citizens, this 57 year old successful entrepreneur will decamp from the U S.
French official child-care provisions make having children far more attractive than it is in english speaking countries like mine which, in general, are very "hands off" when concerned with caring for the young.