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Ben Boychuk
Road Fix—or Bait and Switch? « Back to Story

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California needs more FBI agents
This isn't going to be a problem for Cali, they just need to go to Uncle Sugar for some massive grants. You really think that Obozo and his cronies aren't going to bailout certain states? The Promise Zones was just a start.
Thank you for this eye opening commentary.
The legislators of this state have been taking advantage of the tax payers long enough. Let's throw them out of our way.
Two things will turn about California's miserable road conditions: begin, NOW, to place the funds from the existing car tax into the proper place, that is, spend it for what it was originally intended to fund, in part, road maintenance. Second, repeal the "prevailing wage" laws that result in California's road "workers" somehow being given the highest number of dollars for the lowest value of accomplished work. Yes, their budgets for roads is hugely inflated due to prevailing wage policies written into state law. Let private contractors bid on an equal footing with CalTrans, the lowest dollar for the highest quality work getting the contract. And if government workers and equipment continually get outbid, fine... they can begin to sell off the ridiculousl ezpensive equipment they've been amassing and hardly using, then lay off their now idle workers. IF they are good workers the private entities performing the road repair services will be eager to hire them. If not, perhaps a place in a nearby soupline might be a more appropriate position for them.

The reason California have roads in such disrepair is that they have failed to take the money they've been getting for that purpose, then actually spend on the advertised purpose.
I want to know how middle and lower class businesses and individuals are adjusting to California's regulatory and tax increases. I realize a lot of them vote with their feet, but how about those who stay?

And what's the attraction for all the illegals to a high tax state? Are the majority of these people on the welfare rolls, where democrats want them to be? Or are they taking the jobs that use to go to the white middle and lower classes.
With the politicians and public employee union beasts to feed,there is nothing left for infrastructure repairs.Tax the middle class, tax the rich, etc,they have been doing this for decades and can't figure out why our roads are in such bad repair.When you divvy up the spoils among interest groups there is nothing left.