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Steven Malanga
De Blasio’s Weak Transition Game « Back to Story

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Goodbye NewYork hello FL! By the way I'm taking my wallet with me.
How could this article be written with a straight face and not mention DeBlasio's selection of Bill Bratton as Police Chief, an individual who (rightfully) has been showered with attention from City Journal for the past 15 years?

Weird omission, no? Or a convenient one?
Everything about De Blasio is weak. Isn't this the guy who likes to sleeps in? Not like he had to do anything important just run the biggest city in the country. Lucky me I get to work for the city. Lake Worth if you are going to dispute what the author of this piece wrote then say how he is wrong. Accusing him of being drunk or on drugs is just stupid. Save that for the Huffington Post.

When will voters ever learn to stop electing nitwits like Warren Wilhelm and Hussein Obama? These people have been failures in life. They can't hack it in the private sector sso they sell snake oil to the voters who are more loser than winner, Hussein and Warren Wilhelm know nothing about governance and leave all their work to policy advisors. They are puppets being handled by their own appointed advisors.
Robert David Steele January 01, 2014 at 1:45 PM
Fascinating analysis. It coincides with my own concern that no Mayor to date has actually operated on the basis of hard facts including true cost economics. To govern effectively you first have to have a grip on reality, then a strategy, then a rainbow of policies all of which are crafted TOGETHER and firmly based on affordablility, inter-operability, scalability and hence sustainability, and finally, a ruthless counterintelligence and inspector-general capability to do the metrics in near real time. I applied for a job that does not exist, to do precisely this -- and I do not expect that application to have been noticed.
First off, the head count is off. That's made up stuff.

Second: "De Blasio, by contrast, appears not to have contemplated much about how he would govern New York if he won, and who would help him run the city."

That sounds like verbal DUI. Booze or blow ???
Well, well, well. We have a bona fide Communist sympathizer/supporter as mayor of New York. Which brings to mind a line from "King Lear": "Foolery, my lord, does walk about the orb like the sun -- it shines Everywhere."

The Gods of the Copybook Headings have a lot of instructing to do.
@Hiroshi Ozara

That's very interesting. Do you have any evidence whatsoever, that Al Sharpton and Arthur Sulzberger Jr. vet all potential upper-level appointees? Or are you just making things up as you go along (lying)?
Any potential upper-level appointees have to be recommended, then vetted and blessed by Al Sharpton and Arthur Sulzberger Jr. before they can be presented to the public.
That may be adding to the delays.
Since at least 1966 huh? Who was mayor then? Now don't tell me. I'll get it. Oh! That's right. John Lindsay. Welcome back to fun city.
A lot of mere rhetoric from someone who is blinded by his empty fervor.
It seems to me that Bloomberg's nomination for school chancellor was well defined as a failure. It takes foresight and good planning, hence time well used for a successful transition.
The Dinkins Days are coming. This silly socialist that NYC has elected will bring with him every crack pot and socialist activist that live under rocks now.

It will be fun to watch the city begin to decline to the level of Dinkins.

I hope to see violence and crime sky rocket as the parasitic crawl about the city looking for their entitlements.

2014 looks great as we see more proof that liberalism is insanity.