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Aaron M. Renn
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Re: “He knew that public safety is the sine qua non of civic leadership. Without it, any government loses its credibility and moral authority.” Thanks for the new idea; new to me anyway.

I think there’s some kind of parallel here: “Per pupil spending on schools grew 73 percent under Bloomberg, and teacher salaries grew 40 percent, even as test scores were mostly stagnant and polls found parents saying the schools got worse under his administration.”
Anyone who works and lives here is an absolute idiot for voting this creep in. They think that by turning off stop and frisk and policing that the crime level is going to stay the same. It's like the artards that say "yes, I want low risk. yes, I want high reward. " if only the thugs will only target wilhelm voters. These creep voters are subjecting the rest of us to this crime rate.

Exactly. Hope! Change! All over again. Things are going great. So great that we want to try a new snake oil salesman with zero governing experience. The problem with solving crime and taking out the garbage is that no one thanks you for doing your job. Sad but true, it's probably better to let crime happen from time to time to remind these idiot voters of the bad days.
After Winston Churchill's magnificent leadership in World War II, the British public cashiered him and voted in a Labour government.

Not saying that Bloomberg, a lifelong Beantown Liberal, is fit to polish Churchill's boots (he isn't), but the Leftists are chomping at the bit to get rid of vigorous policing and start distributing the spoils. And the citizens, grown fat and complacent from twenty years of low crime rates, are going to have to learn the hard way all over again.

Every generation does. [sigh] BTW, Dinkins was a weak liberal, but as far as I know, he wasn't a Communist sympathizer, which de Blasio literally is.
What's he gonna do?


Couldn't happen to a more deserving bunch.
We have here the makings of a `natural experiment'. de Blasio (and the courts) are forcing changes in policing and planning changes in other parts of city government.

To take best advantage of the opportunity to test theories against reality, conservatives should lay out a number of kinds of hard, measured data that they expect to see change, and declare themselves on what direction of change they expect and some indication of the amount of change they expect. With error bars. Especially useful would be situations where liberals expect a different outcome.

(If everybody expects the crime rate to soar when the new policing policies take effect, for instance, we don't have a disagreement about fact, just a disagreement about the relative weight that should be given to keeping police off peoples' case vs keeping criminals at bay.)
Regarding public safety and the endless 'War on Crime' being fought in the increasingly non-white and hence increasingly lawless and violent inner cities, it should be noted that as of January 1st the defacto NYC police commissioner will be Al Sharpton. Should be interesting to watch as the city's criminal class becomes mainstreamed and crime against the white and Asian population increases.
Why didn't Bloomberg groom a successor?

It should have been a easy election for a person brought up and groomed to be the next mayor throughout the Giuliani and Bloomberg administrations? There was nobody, not one person, just handing the mayor office to the leftists that allowed the city to decline in the first place.

The new left wing mayor will return to the failures of the past and NYC will suffer and regress.

Crime will be going back up. And the exodus that was starting to slow will speed back up.