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Seth Barron
De Blasio’s Speaker « Back to Story

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"de Blasio will cast himself as the reasonable centrist he knows he needs to be in order to win reelection in 2017."

HAHAHA surrrrrre, because that's EXACTLY how he got elected in 2013 lol.

I wonder what will come of all these far Left nutjobs - starting with DiBlasio. Here are few things they will probably do:
-> Bankrupt NYC via Union giveaways and worthless social programs.
-> Increase the existing level of corruption (if such a thing is possible).
-> Facilite a jump in crime.
Mark Viverito's Speakership is clear evidence that NYC is turning back to the days of ruin and plunder by unions and other special interests that left it in a financial mess. Proves that all things run full circle and that history can repeat itself.