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Guy Sorman
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Mandela was also a 33rd degree Freemason, which explains his sense of a humanist peace (and why he had friends across the globe, in the East and the West). I can't fully agree that he was a true Christian and a one man one vote system is in my opinion not the best system for South Africa. Good intentions, nice sounding words and charisma is not enough. The reality shows that one out of two young people are without jobs today.
Jose M Lopez Sierra December 22, 2013 at 4:29 AM
Dear Partners,

President Obama said in his speech at Nelson Mandela’s memorial that we should all ask ourselves how well we are applying Nelson Mandela’s lessons.

The facts that the United States government has not liberated Puerto Rico’s political prisoner Oscar López Rivera, and decolonized Puerto Rico prove that President Obama obviously is not applying them at all! How easy it is to find fault in others, and never see our own. Nevertheless, Nelson Mandela has taught us that together we can make miracles happen!

Jacob Griffin, John Carter, Duke Lambert, Byron Sa December 15, 2013 at 10:57 AM
I find this article an important piece of the puzzle of Mendella's life and South Africa's history.
It really amazes me to see Christians quick to line item every single fault or sin of Mandela. I would hope these same Christians would list their own faults and sins as well. I imagine that none of these have ever hated another person (Mandela included). Christ taught that hate in your heart is the equivalent of murder. Knowing how we are all fallen and in the flesh I am sure that many looking for the speck of Mandela have a genocide level of hate/murder to their own name. I would hope none of these Christians have ever lusted - which is adultery. OR coveted anything of their neighbor. I would hope that every single day they all live as fully devoted followers of Christ sharing His Gospel in word and deed constantly. Mandela was not perfect. But if he truly was saved he was declared righteous before God. All of us have committed our murder or adultery, etc. all after salvation. Some have done so in a more public light. But to sit here and attack someone of sins and faults while pretending to be innocent of the same things is far from righteousness. Judge not lest you be judged. By the same standard you judge Mandela or anyone else, you too will be judged. And if Mandela was saved I hope to see him among many other of my fellow mankind in Heaven one day.
Christ was not a prophet!
He was and is God!
In your article, there is something that is either a mistake or doesn't make sense. You wrote:

"Christ was not the only prophet who served as inspiration to Mandela in his cell. There was also Gandhi, who, like Mandela, had practiced law in South Africa." But Jesus Christ claimed to be God, not a prophet. So I am little confused. Would you please clarify for me. Thank You very much!
Tionico - I worry when people - like you on this occasion - talk about "true Christians"; how dare you profess to determine what is "true"? So much is open to interpretation and your version of Christian truth is shaped by your preferences and prejudices, as is that of others who take a different view. Is it your very smallness that makes you want to take pot shots at a true giant on the world stage?
Was it his Christian faith that made him support baby murder?

God save Mandela from hell!!!
maybe he put on the gloss of a "christian", but as point out by another responder, he worked to "enshrine" very easy abortion as the law of the land, and also codified homosexualiy as normal and protected.. both of which are clearly counter to the Scripture he, if he WERE a true christian, would follow. Further, even whilst president, he either abetted or turned a blind eye to the heinous practice of "necklacing" (binding the victim, a political dissenter most often) hand and foot, placing a tyre filled with petrol about the neck, and lighting it to burn, and provide a torturous death to the victim.. almost never having been afforded any sort of due process, trial, etc. Further, he was not "convicted" of police station bombings, he readily and willingly pled guilty to more than 150 charges of murder, bombings in public places, genocide, torture, rape... and as the head of the terrorist wing of the ANC was indirectly responsible for thousands more deaths, tortures, mutilations, rapes, starved and burned villages.... sure, that was all "before" his incarceration, which was to have been for the remainder of his life. But he was released after only 27 years. As president he allowed, and possibly aided and abetted, a continuing campaign of black on white violence, such that even today whites are an endangered species in that nation, facing high risk of assault, murder, robbery, rape, in many parts of the country. This has been going on since he became president..... and he did little to naught to put an end to it. These sorts of things are NOT the behaviour of a true follower of Christ... HIS demand is to DO all that He has commanded... and Mandela has NOT. No, he is NOT a fine example of a "good man"< even during the period of life this piece claims is his "chriatian" period. His life belies the love and compassion of a true follower of Christ. He COULD have done so much as president... but largely allowed the old racism to continue, but reversed. The tyranny of the masses of blacks against the whites is not the testimony of a Believer.
Mandela’s life was the embodiment of the human spirit. His energy will uplift every corner of the globe which battles for equal rights for its citizens. Hopefully we may do his legacy justice by starting at home and empowering our citizens once again. I was compelled to pay homage to Nelson Mandela with my art by creating a portrait of the world leader In Memoriam at Drop by and let us know how his strength has inspired you!
That's fine but did he ever change his mind about abortion on demand which he legislated in 1996? Just wondering.
There was a sliver of hope CJ would just stay quiet, completely ignoring the demise of a wrecker whose legacy is chaos. Not any longer.

While God creates order out of chaos, the Devil acts contrariwise. That is as much as a Christian needs to know on this occasion.
Were the White South African leaders who preceeded De Klerk and institued & maintained apartheid not Christians?
The insight provided here, is invaluable. Thank you
Mandela learned peace from Gandhi and revolution from Menachem Begin, crediting Begin's The Revolt with teaching him how to wage a successful insurgency.
This long time communist terrorist received The Order of Lenin, a medal for services to the Soviet Union, not the Peace prize. Not the sort of decoration a 'Christian' would want to receive, no?

And the EU could hardly be said to be a pro-Christian organization!

While Mandela did indeed attempt to promote reconciliation and showed admirable personal coverage, he built the ANC into a communist oriented terrorist organization with the aid of his wife Winnie..whose murderous activities he covered up by refusing to release teh findings of the truth and Reconciliation committee. She still serves on the ANC executive committee.
"the ANC was a branch of the Communist International"

Really? Or was that a talking point excuse, generated by our CIA, that was pushed by every race-hating creep from Nixon to Reagan?

Reagan's speech at Philadelphia, Mississippi, in 1980 paralleled conservative-wing Republican commitment to its Southern Strategy. Supporting Apartheid was a central element of that conservative-wing system up to the very last minutes of South Africa's conversion. Reagan and his conservative allies tried to support Apartheid by stopping American sanctions -- thankfully a failed effort.

Giving that speech defiled the deaths of three young men. Know politicians by what they do, not the PR.
Hagiographic bs. I suppose his wife was a good Christian too, if burning people alive was still part of church practices. "With our boxes of matches and our necklaces we shall liberate this country" Referring here to her own specific brand of christian democratic political acts whereby anyone who opposed her would be bound hand and foot and then burned to death by means of a tyre filled with gasoline being placed around the neck and set on fire.
Charming woman, just like Martha Washington.
As an American, I was very proud of my president today for the words he shared at Nelson Mandela's Memorial service. I may not always agree with him but he spoke the truth about a great man. This is what Christ can do for anyone.
a wonderful read about a great man.