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Seth Barron
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The biggest irony of a "progressive" government for the "common people" is how awful that said government is for the common people.

It happens every time! They never learn. And it has ruined urban living for most of the working, middle and upper middle class.

The progressive government is so busy doing what they think the common people want. Only it isn't what the majority truly want.

Common people want good basic services (trash, streets, parks, libraries etc), low crime, and good schools. Affordable housing, easy access to good jobs are some others (though not the business of a local government).

Progressive governments manage to not do any of those things. Or do them so poorly they cause more problems.

They are too busy with so-called "civil rights", social "justice", how to spend large amounts of taxpayers dollars on projects that noisy activists want. None of which the common people want (or need).

NYC has had a twenty year break from that type of government (though it wasn't halted completely). Unfortunately, twenty years is not enough to undo the damage of 30 years of the progressive government before it. It had hardly time to dent the bad schools and the huge deficits in the budget and over regulation of small business.

Now NYC will be going backwards. Back to the time of high crime, lousy services and full time political nonsense.

Voters will be very disappointed.

But some of us won't be surprised.
Why do Progressives Hate Normal America?
In my opinion, there will be a lot of headline grabbing and huffing and puffing and tumultuous appearances by the usual rent-a-mobs associated with the Mayor-elect's new best friend, Al Sharpton, but there will be, in fact, very little substantive change to the basics of running New York City or to the city's social fabric.

Mr DiBlasio's far left,'progressive'agenda will tweak the workings of the city a bit, that's all. After school programs will be implemented, student test scores will be reported to have risen a bit, stop and frisk will be curtailed, street shootings will be up, but it will be largely black on black violence, which no one in power really cares about anyway, taxes may be raised slightly, with the rich and super rich moving money and income out of Mr DiBlasio's jurisdiction as they always do everywhere when taxes rise.

The super liberals of the Manhattan Upper West Side,and the mega-millionaires and billionaires of Fifth Avenue Temple Emanu-el are the cash cows of Mr DiBlasio and his far left allies like the Working Families Party. DiBlasio and company will be realistic enough not to touch these people or their role in the city.
Minor correction - Mayor Beame was born & lived most of his life in Brooklyn & lived in Queens when elected. His base was not Manhattan