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Steven Greenhut
Desperate Hot Springs « Back to Story

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John Frank,

Just an update. NO BANKRUPTCY. Oh Palm Springs leads valley in crime. Recent political adds point out the fact that crime in Palm Springs is greater than Compton. Compton was mentioned in your article. And what about the Palm Springs Mayor and the FBI. Get your facts straight. 3rd worst city from and unknown blogger. How sad.
Enjoying the comments from the DHS people who are downplaying the city's long standing crime problem...especially since DHS was recently named as the third most crime ridden city in California...beating out Compton in the process. Since 2004, they have elected one flake after another to run their city into the ground, not just flakes, but some really crazy suckers. and the last thing these political hacks want is police services supplied by the sheriff who is not dependent upon the good graces of these clowns for his job. They are quite content with a little half-assed police operation as long as they can control it. Make not mistake about it, this is a place to stay out of...don't even drive through if you feel like slumming.
The author didn't even scratch the surface of how corrupt and incompetent the DHS city government is. They never could afford their own police department and should have contracted with the county sheriff long ago, but instead chose bankruptcy in 2001 and an almost certain second BK to come very shortly.
They hoodwinked their resident homeowners into approving a "Parcel Tax" to save the city, and of course, it didn't. The next underhanded move was to "annex" thousands of acres of undeveloped land outside the city's boundary and then try to slap an outrageous 2000% increase parcel tax on vacant land. Thankfully there were enough sane residents to prevent the 2/3 majority needed to enact it. The DHS elected officials are pathetic and should be ashamed of themselves.
Michael R. Burke May 13, 2014 at 7:34 PM
Glad I'm not the only one who stumbled here to tell this author he sounds like an misinformed idiot. The crime here is exaggerated, we sure need some development and jobs, yeah, but at the same time we are the only place in the entire country with scentless natural hot mineral water, and one of the only places in he world that *also* has award winning cold water... and our spas get annaul global recognition across national TV stations and magazines... not to mention our world famous Cabots Museum, and the best views in the Coachella Valley....(and few extra hours of sunlight cause we're not right against the freaking mountain like Palm Springs) and we got room to grow on top of it. Only problem we're stuck with is the wind.

Sure, we have some political madness, but do some research before you just go blabbing on the interwebz.
What a bunch of misinformation. Check your facts again. Palm Springs and Cathedral City lead the Valley in crime.

Per my insurance company the reason we have high rates here is because of Palm Springs car theft. Not Desert Hot Springs

The sweep you refer to included the entire Coachella Valley not just Desert Hot Springs as you imply.

With regards to "Desperate Hot Springs" have you ever heard of Peverted Springs aka Palm Springs. DHS does'nt really have this tag.
Tionico's comment below is about as right on as Mom's apple pie. Some of us that live in Desert Hot Springs have no desire to be anything like our neighboring "rich" cities because, well, quite frankly, we have enough of those cities that try to attract nothing but rich consumers. We have other things to offer like views, good water, hiking trails, wind and a real nice innocence (sometimes mistaken for ignorance). Sometimes people want to go somewhere that is not all glamour and shopping. Like maybe 98 percent of people. Should anyone want to market the simple life in the midst of grandeur in other cities of the Coachella Valley, Desert Hot Springs is the place to be. Wisen up folks! We are VERY marketable!
I live in Desert Hot Springs. Elected Officials in the past have been primarily Republicans. It is a lovely city with beautiful views and wonderful working class people. The population grows during the season with folks from all over the world. My neighbor was a MD, one a retired Police Chief. I am a Creative Director for a project which is building a memorial to our Fallen Soldiers.
The crime has been greatly reduced and we no longer hold the title of worse crime in the Coachella Valley - that goes to our sister cities Palm Springs and Cathedral City. However, The city of Palm Springs has a well oiled media and marketing crew who keep their "dirty laundry " out of the press. There are areas is PS where you do not want to drive through at night- unless you need your crack or whatever. Often the local press claims this area is in DHS! Yes we pay our Police alot, we had too. Now its time to revisit this and make some cuts. This article has some very glaring inaccuracies. Such as- the city does not contribute 70% of its budget to Police. I won't get into the fact check on this, but all you folks who really want to find out, can. SO unless you know the details, please refrain from the assumptions about the place and the people of my town- Desert Hot Springs. We will find a way.
So, here's a well researched and honest review of the state of affairs in one California city, Hot Springs, which is not unlike many others across the US in that it is being raped by a public employee union, in this instance one representing the police; but also marked by an overwhelming population of the underclass, consisting of criminals of every sort, welfare recipients, and gang-bangers. It is a place you would be loath to visit sans a patrol of former Seal Team members to accompany you. It is, in fact, a prototypical urban wasteland created by liberal Democratic indifference to reason and addicted to political corruption. This is what you reap when you sew dependence upon government. My liberal friends won't agree. So much right-wing cant, they'll opine. They'll be dead wrong...again.
California is all but run by unions and other special interest groups. These all view the working stiffs (lately a vanishing breed) as endless revenue streams. The situation has become a race: will the Detroit model win, or will enough voters see the cliff looming ever closer and yank the steering wheel hard? The Caifornia of the past decade or so cannot survive another decade. The unuins can only feast on that golden egg laying goose for a short while, and she will be no more. Then the rank and file members will be left staring at empty tables, their starving children round them. the union muckety mucks will likely move off to greener pastures in other states, and run the same ponzi schtick until they run THAT one into the ground.
I agree, but there is one thing I would like to see in these articles and that is the use of the median wage.
If Bill Gates walked into a bar in Hot Spring the average wage wudl go through the roof, but the median woudl not shift much. We shoudl also know the median wage as I expect the uniforms typcialy earn at lot less that $100,000+. The median and average would let us see if the problem is actual overpaid uniformed police or the management paying themselves - huge sums.
California is a laboratory of bad public policy, the Argentina of North America. Why would we want to interrupt this valuable experiment with reforms this late in the game?