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Daniel DiSalvo
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The difference between Liberation and the NYT is that Liberation is consciously marxist, while the Times is unconsciously marxist. At least the French can make such ideological distinctions.
This is nothing new.

Like so many (mostly male) members of the baby boomer generation I spent my early teen-age years reading every issue of Mad Magazine as soon as it hit the newsstand. They would periodically print parodies of the news media of the day: Newsweak (Newsweek), Tums (Time), The Saturday Evening Pest, etc. The New York Times did not escape Mad Magazine's pen, and was parodied on numerous occasions.

Mad would always alter the NYT's masthead slogan, "All the news that's fit to print", to read: "All the news that fits, we print".

Even back then, before the Times officially became the mouthpiece of the DNC, the sexually confused, and the American far left.
Do you think they're penitent for the murders committed in their revolution? No teachable moment there. It was them was doing the killin.