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Paul Beston
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I'm curious as to who the author is referring to when he writes: "...into Russian hands." Is he referring to the Klitschko brothers, who are Ukrainian? The elder is a major opposition political leader in Ukraine, pushing for increased integration with Europe, as opposed to Russia. Bad moment for such a misprint given the continuing mass protests in Kyiv! Aside from that, great review and a spectacular book!
That Tyson survived, and to some extent, transcended, his beginnings is testament to the human spirit.

His fame gives us the sense of familiarity with a persona; his personal saga gives everyone hope for the human spirit.

I hope he makes it.
LTC, it does seem odd that more people know Iron Mike than Norman Borlaug but...
Humans admire sporting prowess. Please, please watch a youtube clip of him boxing when he was 19 or 20. The man was simply the greatest at what he did.
By Grace, not by deeds.....

"My social skills consisted of putting the other guy in a coma."

God loves him.
Is it not possible for people of our time to admire and revere those who slave away in obscurity to rid the world of pestilence, disease, who fight all their lives to promote freedom and truth? Must we always care about brutes and losers like Mike Tyson or dumb, damaged "stars" or sports "heroes" or corrupt politicians or anyone of the worst that our system spawns. Tyson has never done a single thing in his life, never will, that warrants our taking an interest in him. Yet we still pay to see him and now, even to read him. Bizarre!
Is Mike Tyson really worth all this attention?