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Yevgeniy Feyman
Obamacare Isn’t Romneycare « Back to Story

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Minuscule, not miniscule. Do not let bad dictionaries believe you otherwise.

And, yes, bipartisan is totally out of order.
It is my fond hope that the Republicans will do everything they can to put the crippled, unconstitutional, malformed beast of Obamacare out of it's misery, while coming up with a plan of their own that emphasizes a private sector solution. Over at least the last 30-40 years, bipartisanship has meant the Democrats basically get what they want while the Republicans cave in. I'd like to see the Republican leadership show the same love of victory that their enemies have shown.
This man is a fool...the whole argument is based that Kennedy's HMO scan was good for the country & Romneycare was its successor.Pathetic.
How can the author think the Republicans would want to "reform" the Affordable Care Act? How can you reform something so bad? Would you want to "reform" Charles Manson? No! This act itself is over 2000 pages. How long would the reform bill be? The best reform would be repeal.
"Even with its lousy management and technical failures, though, Obamacare probably won’t collapse..." Yea, the the citizen who can't afford it will.
"Will Republicans seize a bipartisan opportunity to reform the Affordable Care Act?" That would be pretty stupid now wouldn't it? Like trying to reform and repair the Titanic after the accident, reforming the Zeppelin program with the hydrogen industry in control,...